NY Times Crossword Answers 17 Jun 2018, Sunday

Daily solution for the NY Times Crossword Answers 17 Jun 2018, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword Answers 17 Jun 2018, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Temporarily stops running STALLS
7 Sport-___ (some vehicles) UTES
11 Contain, as a spewing oil well CAP
14 Military bigwigs BRASS
19 “Pick me!” OOH OOH!
20 Light bite NOSH
21 Excitement ADO
22 GPS suggestion ROUTE
23 Breakfast trio SNAP, CRACKLE AND POP
26 Classic song OLDIE
27 ___-backwards ASS
28 Smuggler’s unit KILO
29 Record label for Pink and Pitbull RCA
30 Lets off the hook? UNCLIPS
32 Otello, in “Otello” TENOR
33 Even TIED
34 Act as a go-between LIAISE
35 “You can skip me” PASS
38 Puppet show trio KUKLA, FRAN AND OLLIE
41 Fall guy? HUMPTY
43 “That’s rough!” OOF!
44 Some Canadian natives CREE
45 In the tradition of A LA
48 ___ Aldridge, pioneering Shakespearean actor IRA
49 Lost baggage helpers ID TAGS
52 Ad biz awards CLIOS
54 Producer of public radio’s “Radiolab” WNYC
55 Spanish seasoning that’s a letter short of its English counterpart SAL
56 Youngest daughter on “Black-ish” DIANE
57 Hold tightly CLASP
58 Dangerous injection VENOM
59 Capital city with more than 300 islands HELSINKI
61 Sergey of Google BRIN
62 “Nobody’s here but me” I’M ALONE
67 Surrounded by AMONGST
69 “Little Latin ___ Lu” (1960s hit) LUPE
70 Effervescent citrus beverage LIME SODA
73 Old Ford vehicles, for short MERCS
74 Open OVERT
76 Skyrockets ZOOMS
77 Open ___ MIC
78 Strip pokers? AWLS
79 Fumes STEWS
80 Some skin art HENNAS
81 Place for R.N.s ICU
82 Subj. of “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test” LSD
83 “lol” alternative HE-HE
84 Unnecessary extra FAT
85 Gilda of “Saturday Night Live” RADNER
92 Rap artist Flo ___ RIDA
93 Dinero MOOLAH
95 Throw HURL
96 State a case ARGUE
98 Director Taika ___ WAITITI
99 “Star Wars” nickname ANI
100 Pronoun in Dixie Y’ALL
101 Philosopher ___-tzu LAO
104 Fortune 500 company with an avian symbol AFLAC
105 Survivor of an all-out brawl … or a hint to 23-, 38-, 64- and 87-Across LAST ONE STANDING
110 Battle of Leningrad, e.g. SIEGE
111 Something ratable by number of Pinocchios LIE
112 Long transmission of folklore, say SAGA
113 Charlotte Motor Speedway org. NASCAR
114 Underworld HADES
115 Camera with a mirror, in brief SLR
116 Hail on a bridge AHOY!
117 Trash DELETE


Number Clues Answers
1 Sammy on a 1998 cover of Newsweek SOSA
2 Heaps TONS
3 Good crosswords provide lots of them AHAS
4 Chop (off) LOP
5 John who wrote “An Essay Concerning Human Understanding” LOCKE
6 Arts-and-crafts kit trendy in the 1970s-’80s SHRINKY DINKS
7 Open, as a bottle of wine UNCORK
8 “TiK ___” (Kesha hit) TOK
9 Class for some immigrants, for short ESL
10 Foe of Robin Hood SHERIFF
11 Geographically largest member of NATO CANADA
12 Interject ADD
14 Upholsterer’s fabric BROCADE
15 Certain expensive watch, in slang ROLLIE
16 Autobahn autos AUDIS
17 Michael of R.E.M. STIPE
18 Goes with SEES
24 Jesus on the diamond ALOU
25 Big name in laptops ACER
31 Digits ending many prices NINES
32 Baking meas. TSP
33 Eponymous New Mexico tribe TAOS
35 Do email scamming PHISH
36 Radiant emanations AURAE
37 “Huh, you know him, too?!” SMALL WORLD
39 Stadium section LOGE
40 Police procedural beginning in 2003 NCIS
45 Words before a year ANNO DOMINI
46 City on the Rhône LYON
47 Zenith ACME
51 Have ___ with AN IN
52 Ernest who wrote “Ready Player One” CLINE
53 Tall and thin LANK
54 Joins WELDS
57 Classic horror film locale CRYPT
58 Actress/singer Hudgens VANESSA
60 Matches up SYNCS
61 Makes fuzzy BLURS
63 Nursing facility? MAMMARY GLAND
65 Huffed and puffed BLEW
66 Southern university whose team is the Phoenix ELON
67 ___ Clooney, Barbara Walters’s “most fascinating person” of 2014 AMAL
68 Litter sounds MEWS
71 Chopped up DICED
72 BMW competitor ACURA
75 Swerve VEER
76 Letter that, surprisingly, is not the end of the Greek alphabet ZETA
79 Assail SET AT
80 Campus building HALL
83 Spirals HELICES
84 Charlize Theron’s role in 2015’s “Mad Max” reboot FURIOSA
86 Dr. ___ DRE
87 Thick soup POTAGE
88 Sci-fi stunner PHASER
89 One who cries “Uncle!”? AUNT
90 Contradict NAYSAY
91 “Nuts!” DRAT!
93 Underworld MAFIA
94 Three sheets to the wind OILED
97 Things near funny bones ULNAE
98 Load of laundry WASH
101 Pet peeves? LICE
102 Med. school course ANAT
103 Fearsome figure OGRE
106 Suffer AIL
107 “Forget about it!” NAH!
108 Freudian area of study EGO
109 Cable alternative DSL