NY Times Crossword Answers 3 Jun 2018, Sunday

Daily solution for the NY Times Crossword Answers 3 Jun 2018, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword Answers 3 Jun 2018, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Overawe COW
4 Things falling out of Vogue? INSERTS
11 Words to a Spanish sweetheart TE AMO
16 Mover, but not a shaker (one hopes) VAN
19 Atlantic 10 Conf. school URI
20 Where techno music originated DETROIT
23 Camelhair color TAN
24 Surplus OVERAGE
25 Where the Sun shines? BALTIMORE
26 Doesn’t let it go STEWS
28 “Star Wars” name VADER
29 Got into a mess? ATE
30 Pie-eyed OILED
31 Wee bit IOTA
32 Call it a day … or a career RETIRE
33 Sunday delivery: Abbr. SER
34 Woolly ruminant LLAMA
35 Very lowbrow TRASHY
37 Fabulous fabulist AESOP
39 Achievement DEED
40 Riverboat hazard SHOAL
42 Linguists’ interests USAGES
46 Boat that landed on 94-Down ARK
49 Final, countrywide competition NATIONALS
53 ___ tap SPINAL
54 Go (for) VIE
55 Salary negotiator AGENT
56 Alternated TOOK TURNS
58 Dress down CHIDE
60 Winner of 11 Grand Slam tennis titles BORG
61 Common seasoning for Italian sausage FENNEL
62 Elected CHOSEN
63 Sports axiom refuted by this puzzle THERE’S NO I IN TEAM
69 “The Handmaid’s Tale” author ATWOOD
72 Not with it UNCOOL
73 Place in a 1969 western ETTA
77 Serious devotee FIEND
78 Papal conclave members CARDINALS
82 Ghostly ASHEN
83 He said “It’s not bragging if you can back it up” ALI
84 Group with five members in this puzzle, with “the” MAJORS
85 Court plea NO CONTEST
87 Sleep stage REM
88 Relief SOLACE
89 Play the part of ACT AS
90 Father of Phobos, the god of fear ARES
92 Sound of the South DRAWL
97 Liability of note? TIN EAR
100 Swagger STRUT
102 ___ Minella (Muppet monkey) SAL
105 City ENE of Cleveland, O. ERIE, PA
107 Lady’s title DAME
108 Anticipate AWAIT
109 Ball bearer TEE
110 Fruit soda brand FANTA
111 Temple of Isis site ASWAN
112 Where General Mills is headquartered MINNESOTA
114 Bank trouble? EROSION
116 Dated OLD
117 “Be there in a jiffy!” ONE SECOND!
118 Encountered RAN INTO
119 Not be straight LIE
120 Cold War-era inits. SSR
121 Eppie’s adoptive father, in a George Eliot novel SILAS
122 Suffragist Elizabeth Cady ___ STANTON
123 Not opposin’ FER


Number Clues Answers
1 Is up to the task CUTS IT
2 Winston Churchill, notably ORATOR
3 One concerned with aging? WINE TASTER
4 Wedding pair I DOS
5 State since 1864: Abbr. NEV
6 McQueen or King STEVE
7 Things that corrections correct ERRATA
8 Tour hiree ROADIE
9 Aggressive types TIGERS
10 Typical intro? STEREO-
11 Heavy winds TUBAS
12 Maternally related ENATE
13 Colleague of Freud ADLER
14 Encountered MET
15 Relatives of bobolinks ORIOLES
16 Only African-American to win an Oscar, Tony and Emmy for acting VIOLA DAVIS
17 Relevant, legally AD REM
18 With 47-Down, driver’s question NEED A …
22 “Say cheese!” SMILE
27 County name in 30 states WASHINGTON
32 House speaker after Boehner RYAN
36 Sidesplitter HOOT
38 ___ platter PUPU
39 “Runaway” singer Shannon, 1961 DEL
41 “I’m off” LATER
43 “My dear man” SIR
44 Novelist Patchett ANN
45 Fastball, in baseball slang GAS
47 See 18-Down … RIDE
48 Sharp KEEN
49 Pick up NAB
50 Back AGO
51 Unaccompanied LONE
52 Company name ender after “&” SONS
53 First U.S. city to host the Olympics ST LOUIS
57 “Baseball” documentarian Burns KEN
58 Half a step? CHA
59 What ballplayers look forward to after playing on the road HOME STANDS
61 Sustained FED
62 Cartoon collectible CEL
64 Mortar carrier HOD
65 Hampton ___ INN
66 Words of confidence I CAN
67 Court plea, briefly NOLO
68 Opera set in 1800 Rome TOSCA
69 Not even close? AFAR
70 Floor piece TILE
71 German hunting dog WEIMARANER
74 1904 Jack London novel THE SEA-WOLF
75 Your, to Yves TES
76 Caste member ANT
78 State with five teams in the 84-Across: Abbr. CAL
79 Double-platinum album for Steely Dan AJA
80 Mythological bird ROC
81 Harriet Beecher Stowe novel subtitled “A Tale of the Great Dismal Swamp” DRED
82 Lining up against ANTI
84 Ways of doing things, for short MOS
86 Numerical prefix OCTA-
88 Parlor pieces SETTEES
91 Bankrupts RUINS
93 Points (to) REFERS
94 See 46-Across ARARAT
95 Actress Ryder WINONA
96 Admits LETS IN
98 Charlotte ___ (Caribbean capital) AMALIE
99 Proffer RENDER
100 Greek island where Pythagoras and Epicurus were born SAMOS
101 Delivery that’s usually expected TWINS
102 Prop for a lion tamer STOOL
103 Insurance giant AETNA
104 Some calls on a police hotline LEADS
106 Kind of chips you shouldn’t eat PAINT
111 Before being outed, for short ANON
113 H.S. study SCI
115 Native Oklahoman OTO