NY Times Crossword Answers 7 Aug 2018, Tuesday

Daily solution for the NY Times Crossword Answers 7 Aug 2018, Tuesday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword Answers 7 Aug 2018, Tuesday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Snake charmer’s snake COBRA
6 Smile from ear to ear BEAM
10 Preceder of “two, three, four” HUP
13 Geographer’s reference ATLAS
14 Middle-earth area under the Misty Mountains MORIA
15 Volcanic debris ASH
16 Union representative SHOP STEWARD (hiding “hops”)
18 Pi follower RHO
19 Car-pool lane designation HOV
20 Manning manning the Giants’ backfield ELI
21 Mature RIPEN
23 Louisiana Purchase region from 1838 to 1846 IOWA TERRITORY (hiding “water”)
28 Savory taste of MSG UMAMI
30 Lends a hand AIDS
31 Seize, as formerly held land RETAKE
33 Samovar URN
34 “Mr. Robot” network USA
37 What’s found hidden inside 16-, 23-, 47- and 59-Across BEER INGREDIENTS
41 A&E, in D.C.? STS
42 Onetime Mets manager Hodges GIL
43 Navigated against, as the current SWAM UP
44 Barely gets (by) EKES
46 Fixtures in Pillsbury facilities OVENS
47 Job at a circus ANIMAL TRAINER (hiding “malt”)
53 How a dying machine goes KAPUT
54 Path of the moon through the sky ARC
55 Glass of public radio IRA
58 Prelude to a kiss I DO
59 Spring greeting HAPPY EASTER (hiding “yeast”)
64 Clear (of) RID
65 Sri Lanka’s nearest neighbor INDIA
66 “Muy ___!” BUENO
67 ___ Technica, website with gadget news ARS
68 “Holy Toledo!” EGAD!
69 Brought to a conclusion ENDED


Number Clues Answers
1 Dollars and cents CASH
2 Roman emperor of A.D. 69 OTHO
3 Goes on and on about nothing BLOVIATES
4 Genre for DJ Khaled RAP
5 Beast of burden ASS
6 Kind of knife BOWIE
7 Victorian ___ ERA
8 Scuba tankful AIR
9 Home of the Prado Museum MADRID
10 ___ Productions, Oprah Winfrey enterprise HARPO
11 One walking down the aisle USHER
12 Faker PHONY
14 Hot sandwich MELT
17 Darjeeling, for one TEA
22 “___ a beautiful day in the neighborhood”: Mr. Rogers IT’S
24 General Bradley, W.W. II commander OMAR
25 Collaborative online site WIKI
26 Still red in the middle RARE
27 Fruit roll-ups? RINDS
28 Cities, informally URBS
29 Bump into MEET
32 Georgia of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” ENGEL
33 Internet address URL
34 Not deserved UNMERITED
35 Bring to a standstill, say STUN
36 “Raiders of the Lost Ark” menaces ASPS
38 General idea GIST
39 “Victory is mine!” I WON!
40 Window shade? EAVE
44 Runner with wings EMU
45 TV host ___ Lee Gifford KATHIE
47 Director Kurosawa AKIRA
48 Lowest point NADIR
49 Music players of the 2000s IPODS
50 Word before fire or transit RAPID
51 ___ Stark, “Game of Thrones” protagonist ARYA
52 Makeup of Saturn’s rings, mostly ICE
56 Philosopher Descartes RENE
57 Former Yank with 25 career grand slams A-ROD
60 Director Lee ANG
61 Holding hands or kissing on the street, in brief PDA
62 Vigoda of old TV and movies ABE
63 Morning riser SUN