Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers – May 1 2022 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
"Beloved" novelist Toni MORRISON
"Continue" GOON
"I taut I — a puddy tat!" TAW
"Mind your — business!" OWN
"Psst" cousin AHEM
"Sorry, too busy" NOTIME
"Spider-Man" director Sam RAIMI
"— Mio" OSOLE
2002 "Friday the 13th" sequel JASONX
A/C output qtys BTUS
About, before a date CIRCA
Add-on to the end of a wd SUF
Alcohol in liquor ETHANOL
Ancient Greek region IONIA
Apt cry of disbelief for this puzzle THATSUNREAL
Architect Maya LIN
At this place HERE
Ballet outfit TUTU
Beatty of film NED
Bible book after Prov ECCL
Big antlered beast MOOSE
Big striped cat, in French TIGRE
Bill and Ted went on one in a 1991 film BOGUSJOURNEY
Bit of a bray HEE
Bit of money seized by a Secret Service agent COUNTERFEITBILL
Bit of non-needled body art FAKETATTOO
Bodily digit TOE
Boston NBAer, for short CELT
Bring about ENGENDER
British actor Guinness ALEC
Broody rock genre EMO
Buc, Bronco or Niner NFLER
Bulblike base of a stem CORM
Burros, e.g ASSES
Car shaft AXLE
Cheer up GLADDEN
Chiang Kai- — SHEK
Cindy Brady player Susan OLSEN
City transport BUS
Coagulate CLOT
Columbus is its capital OHIO
Component of a coated glass-bead bracelet, perhaps IMITATIONPEARL
Concern for a dermatologist MOLE
Concern for a dermatologist ITCH
Crude sheds LEANTOS
DEA worker NARC
Deprives of weapons UNARMS
Ecol. monitor EPA
Empty spaces GAPS
Even score TIE
Eyelid hair LASH
Feature of Betty Boop’s hair SPITCURL
Flip — coin OFA
Former jets to the U.K SSTS
Forum attire TOGA
Gather up AMASS
Global finance org IMF
Having protruding hearing organs JUGEARED
High, round collar not folding over on itself MOCKTURTLENECK
Hoodwinked HOSED
Horror film lab assistant IGOR
Hosp. zones ERS
Ideal serve ACE
Illegal detention FALSEARREST
In addition ALSO
In the past ONCE
Indy sponsor STP
Ingest EAT
Inquires ASKS
Investigate pryingly NOSEINTO
Irish money EURO
J. — Hoover EDGAR
Jewish potato pancake LATKE
Knightly title SIR
Landlords or landladies LEASERS
Landscape painter Asher Brown — DURAND
Lather (up) SOAP
Letter two before iota ETA
Like a dweeb NERDY
Like low-quality eggs GRADEB
Like overdue birthday wishes BELATED
Lion portrayer Bert LAHR
Maintenance job on a car TUNEUP
Margarine OLEO
Meanie’s look SCOWL
MetLife rival AETNA
Miami loc FLA
Middays NOONS
Most polar ICIEST
Neighbor of Minn. and Ill WISC
New Nintendo console of 2012 WIIU
Old Storms and Trackers GEOS
Old TV ministry inits PTL
On Sunset Blvd., e.g INLA
Opponent ANTI
Opposite of dep., in an airport ARR
Paint job made to look like marble, wood, etc FAUXFINISH
Paraphrase RESTATE
Paris’ river SEINE
Prada or Fendi replica, maybe KNOCKOFFHANDBAG
Project detail, for short SPEC
Q-V linkup RSTU
Rebuke from Caesar ETTU
Relative of a guinea pig AGOUTI
Saw against the main grain, as wood CROSSCUT
Sea nymph OCEANID
Sell at a pawnshop HOCK
Shade trees ELMS
Sings gently CROONS
Some flawed garments: Abbr IRRS
Some old Fords LTDS
Some Siouan speakers OTOES
Something very easy ACINCH
Sour plum SLOE
Sovereign SUPREME
Stage star Hagen UTA
Steel, e.g METAL
Stud money ANTE
Teacher’s union, in brief NEA
The "S" of GPS: Abbr SYS
Thin porridge GRUEL
Tiny arachnid MITE
Title for Kate Middleton DUCHESS
Toronto-to-Montreal dir ENE
Twice tetra- OCTA
Two, in Chile DOS
U.S. pres., militarily CINC
Vegas casino THERIO
Very loudly, in music FFF
VIP vehicle LIMO
Wearing nightclothes, for short INPJS
Wedlock not based on love SHAMMARRIAGE
Whole lotta SLEWOF
Without any variety ONENOTE
World’s fair EXPO
Yang go-with YIN
Young fella LAD
— avis RARA
— cat (two-base game) ONEO
— occasion (never) ONNO