The Sun – Two Speed Crossword Answers – Jul 16 2019

Daily solution for the The Sun – Two Speed Crossword Answers – Jul 16 2019. The Irish Times Crosaire Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the The Sun – Two Speed Crossword Answers – Jul 16 2019.

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Clues Answers
Almost not HARDLY
Alpha male in scrap ATOM
Amusing with it and extremely tipsy WITTY
Animal caught in field in container POLECAT
Arm flexor BICEPS
Brilliant joke CRACK
Changing sound to captivate artist in comeback VARIABLE
Charges in coffee shop FEES
Clear mess as DIY put off tidy up
Drunk son in mum’s hosiery? TIGHTS
Enduring a considerable noise inside ABIDING
Expert from A-section? ADEPT
Expert with information on unknown issue PROGENY
Female legwear TIGHTS
Female name BARBARA
Finished this year in mad panic HYSTERIA
Fissure CRACK
Float or levitate HOVER
Giant mushrooms no good for muscle BICEPS
Girl in pub twice heading for another BARBARA
Gloria in to be treated first ORIGINAL
Hang about — hours remaining HOVER
Horse cooked in casserole wife chucked out STEED
Inconsistent VARIABLE
Insubstantial ETHEREAL
Lack of movement from one broken train outside Rotherham Central INERTIA
Lethargy INERTIA
Master copy ORIGINAL
Minor key? ISLET
Modifies ADAPTS
New Testament book TIMOTHY
Notion IDEA
Novelist over 50, but only just HARDLY
Odorous creature POLECAT
Offspring PROGENY
Permanent ABIDING
Professional payments FEES
Put in order tidy up
Quit strike KICK
Region in shade there allows light ETHEREAL
Sad Pat somehow copes with change ADAPTS
Second sorceress producing change SWITCH
Small island ISLET
Small particle ATOM
Thought not totally perfect IDEA
Thrill (informal) KICK
Time short — love your old man TIMOTHY
Very proficient ADEPT