The Washington Post Crossword Answers – Aug 9 2020

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Clues Answers
#30 on a table ZINC
‘Done!’ TADA
‘Nausea’ novelist SARTRE
‘Neath opposite OER
‘Over __!’ HERE
‘There’s snowplace like home’ or ‘I only have ice for you’? COLDPLAYONWORDS
‘This is so relaxing!’ AHH
‘__ something I said?’ ISIT
10 C-notes ONEG
1968 self-named folk album ARLO
1993 Oscar nominee Rosie PEREZ
Absorbed, as a cost ATE
Adding results SUMS
Appreciative freeloaders? GRATEFULDEADBEATS
Aussie hoppers ROOS
Author Kesey KEN
B in chemistry BORON
Bacon and Smith KEVINS
Bad dream about Cerberus? THREEDOGNIGHTMARE
Bad way to come on STRONG
Beloved 1981 bride DIANA
Bier holder STEIN
Big sporting spots ARENAS
Bony prefix OSTEO
Breezed through ACED
Brie coverings RINDS
Bring about LEADTO
Brit’s rats? DASHIT
Calculus pioneer EULER
Certain footrest OTTOMAN
Clark Kent, on Krypton KALEL
Clear the board ERASE
Clear, as a windshield DEFOG
Come to a boil SEETHE
Couple PAIR
Couples’ refuge? ARK
Court cry OYEZ
Crews of ‘America’s Got Talent’ TERRY
Curie or Cardin PIERRE
Dakota del Norte, por ejemplo ESTADO
Degrees for corp. execs MBAS
Dinghy mover OAR
Doo-wop syllable SHA
Early mobile home? TEPEE
English cathedral town ELY
Entrust, as authority DELEGATE
Fantasized DREAMT
FedEx alternative UPS
Fellow GENT
Fictional captain with the middle name Tiberius KIRK
Film set VIP DIR
Florida attraction KEYS
Frank of avant-garde rock ZAPPA
Garfield’s foil ODIE
Gather REAP
Gave it a whirl TRIED
Geeky sort DWEEB
Genetic material RNA
Gets ready to drive TEESUP
Goofs around IDLES
Grade MARK
Grado de examen perfecto CIENTO
Grates on GALLS
Greek markets AGORAE
Had success on the links SHOTPAR
Have in mind MEAN
Hebrew prophet ISAIAH
Houston-to-Miami dir ESE
Hybrid citrus UGLI
In the Black? ASEA
It may be requested before a sentence LENIENCE
It’s tipped in a parlor CUE
Just managed, with ‘out’ EKED
Last word, say END
Like lava MOLTEN
Little bitty bits ATOMS
Lollapaloozas PIPS
Longtime SeaWorld star SHAMU
Major suffix ETTE
Marines NCO SSGT
Memo letters ATTN
Merged telecom co GTE
Mocha native YEMENI
Much junk mail SPAM
Muscle car in a ’60s hit GTO
NFL scores TDS
NFL’s Gronk and others TES
Old Mideast alliance: Abbr UAR
Pacific Division NBA team SUNS
Passion ARDOR
Pays to play ANTESUP
Platte River valley native PAWNEE
Poems that glorify ODES
Post-Trojan War epic ODYSSEY
Prefix with con NEO
Proof of ownership DEED
Raised-chair dance HORA
Ransacked RIFLED
Rapper Mos __ DEF
Restaurant critic Claiborne CRAIG
Ring ref’s decision TKO
Roman ruler of ill repute NERO
Sarcophagus symbol ANKH
Second-stringers BTEAM
Send out EMIT
Show off a new outfit, say TWIRL
Sign of a hit SRO
Silk Road desert GOBI
Silver State NFLer RAIDER
Skating gold medalist Ohno APOLO
Sketch starter ETCHA
Sound from a flat SSS
Spare tire, perhaps FLAB
Special __ OPS
Spherical opening? HEMI
Sunset dirección OESTE
Tabasco time-outs SIESTAS
Taco topping SALSA
Take effect SETIN
They have Mystery and Birthday Cake varieties OREOS
Ticked off IRED
Time anticipated by environmentalists? GREENDAYOFRECKONING
Time of preparation EVE
Time-honored words ADAGE
Tolstoy title name ANNA
Top row keyboard key ESC
Troublemaker BADEGG
U.K. locale EUR
USMA part, briefly MIL
Vietnam holiday TET
Voldemort’s title LORD
Watchful ones EYERS
Where Charlemagne reigned: Abbr HRE
Whse. inventory MDSE
Winter setting in the Rockies: Abbr MST
World conference participants? TALKINGHEADSOFSTATE
Writing that’s both flowery and thoughtful? DEEPPURPLEPROSE
WWI battle river SOMME
__ of office OATH
__ of thumb RULE
__ set DESK