The Washington Post Crossword Answers – Feb 17 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Be thine own palace, or the world’s thy jail’ writer DONNE
‘Frasier’ bros., e.g DRS
‘No more for me’ IMGOOD
‘Norma __’ RAE
‘Psst!’ HEY
‘Tell __’: Streisand/Dion duet HIM
‘Terrif!’ NEATO
‘There’s no use’ ITSFUTILE
‘Tristram Shandy’ author STERNE
‘__ say more?’ NEEDI
‘__ World’: ‘Sesame Street’ segment ELMOS
*Guinness entries RECORDSETTERS
*Las Vegas pros ODDSMAKERS
*Nine-to-fiver CLOCKWATCHER
*Online business-building method CROWDFUNDING
*Overextended SPREADTHIN
*User’s nightmare SYSTEMFAILURE
*Where one might idle away the time? TRAFFICJAM
*Zapping direction HEATONHIGH
114-Across builder NOAH
1970 Neil Diamond hit SHILO
35-Across output POESY
A deadly sin LUST
Acrobat maker ADOBE
Actress Thurman UMA
After-school job CHORE
Apple browser SAFARI
Art movement typified by Sloan’s ‘McSorley’s Bar’ ASHCAN
Author Rand AYN
Baseball’s Speaker TRIS
Beach divers TERNS
Bill’s attorney general JANET
Bud’s promise BLOOM
Call into question OPPUGN
Canterbury can LOO
Cheerful group? FANS
Chicago airport code ORD
Choice PLUM
CIO partner, familiarly AFOFL
Clean with S.O.S SCRUB
Cleaning tools MOPS
Comic actor Amsterdam of old TV MOREY
Command to a junkyard dog SICEM
Common Woody Allen character disorders NEUROSES
Company VIP CEO
Composer Milhaud DARIUS
Corrosive stuff ACID
Deactivating DISABLING
Debater of Stephen in 1858 ABE
Deck crew boss BOSUN
Docudramas airer AANDE
Draws attention (from) DISTRACTS
Dunne and Ryan of cinema IRENES
Early internet pioneer AOL
Easy comparative ABC
End in grand style TOPOFF
F equivalent ESHARP
Facts and figures DATA
Features of academic gowns HOODS
Feudal worker SERF
Followed a Hippocratic dictum DIDNOHARM
Former Bears coach DITKA
Friend of TV’s Sheldon RAJ
Future viewer SEER
Hankering EAGER
Hard-to-meet condition BIGIF
Have remorse for RUE
Hawkish god ARES
Hinged mouth part JAW
In the past AGO
Indelicate CRASS
Injures, as a matador GORES
iPhone purchase APP
Iraq’s main port BASRA
It’s split in a boat BANANA
Jennifer of ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ EHLE
Kilauea flow LAVA
Less lax TAUTER
Like lives in hives APIAN
Like radon, say INERT
Like some ‘La Cage Aux Folles’ dancers INDRAG
Main blood vessel AORTA
Marketing hirees TESTERS
Medicare component PARTA
Michael Jackson hit … or what you can do to the start of each answer to a starred clue BEATIT
Minerva’s Greek counterpart ATHENA
Misplay with matches? ARSON
Modest admission ITRY
Motion detector, e.g SENSOR
Muted to the max SILENT
Navigation aids RADARS
New start? NEO
Nine-digit IDs SSNS
Not fooled by ONTO
Not without danger RISKY
Not yet posted UNSENT
Novelist Deighton LEN
Observation point LOOKOUT
One may be played with sticks or brushes SNAREDRUM
Open a bit AJAR
Out of class ABSENT
Painter of melting watches DALI
Paving material TAR
Played again on TV RERAN
Plodding LEADEN
Pre-flight frisking gp TSA
Prom attendees TEENS
Provides home care services? HOUSESITS
Pungent green CRESS
QVC sister station HSN
Reel trouble SNAG
Remote button REC
Remove by melting, say ABLATE
Rick’s, in film CAFE
Rural turndown NAW
Salad preparer TOSSER
Sale stipulation ASIS
Seasonal song words after ‘gay apparel’ FALALA
See 103-Down ARK
Send back, as into custody REMAND
Shallow crossing FORD
Smith, at times SHOER
Speedy ski run SCHUSS
Sporty wheels, briefly JAG
St. Patrick’s land EIRE
Strawberry Fields benefactor ONO
Suffix often meaning ‘to make’ IZE
Superhero-themed kids’ wear UNDEROOS
Thus far ASYET
Tide competitor ALL
Tinier than tiny ATOMIC
Tips, as a hat DOFFS
Tools with tines RAKES
Transvaal settlers BOERS
Unstressed, as a syllable ATONIC
Vel follower CRO
Visual okays NODS
Windy City newspaper, for short TRIB
Yalie ELI
__-Seltzer ALKA