The Washington Post Crossword Answers – Oct 4 2020

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Clues Answers
’40s-’50s ‘Giant Brain’ ENIAC
’60s dance craze WATUSI
‘Big Blue’ IBM
‘Can __ help me?’ SOMEONE
‘Give it __!’ ATRY
‘I Am __’: Jenner reality show CAIT
‘Lovely’ citation issuer of song RITA
‘My Cousin Vinny’ Oscar winner TOMEI
‘Smell Ready’ deodorant brand AXE
‘The Age of Reason’ writer PAINE
‘Was __ harsh?’ ITOO
‘You didn’t start yet, did you?’ AMILATE
‘¿Quién __?’ SABE
Abrasions SCRAPES
Actress Scala GIA
African currency with the wrong mapmaker? KRUGERMCNALLY
Amend ALTER datum: Abbr DESC
Appear suddenly CROPUP
Arrived in a cloud of dust, maybe SLID
Banking convenience with the wrong comic magician? AUTOMATICPENN
Barbers trim them NAPES
Big Apple paper, for short NYT
Biker’s headgear, perhaps DORAG
Blue SAD
Blue Jays, in crawls TOR
Breakaway group SECT
Builder with the wrong surveyor? STONEDIXON
Certain club restriction NOMEN
Cheap knockout with the wrong puppet? SUCKERJUDY
Chicago-based grocery franchise IGA
China’s Zhou __ ENLAI
Chinese menu assurance NOMSG
CIA predecessor OSS
Contribution from the kitty MEW
Cool HIP
Corner key that may get you out of a corner ESC
Crooner Chris ISAAK
DEA agent NARC
Dental office simulation WAXUP
Dom Pérignon maker, familiarly MOET
Dominate OWN
Editor’s ‘On second thought’ decision STET
Exams for sophs and jrs PSATS
Exasperating, like a car that won’t start STUPID
Feeling blue with the wrong publisher? INAWAGNALLS
First baseman Wally most famous for being replaced by Lou Gehrig PIPP
Formal choice ELECTION
Genoa gal pal AMICA
Gives sparingly DOLES
Golfer’s pocketful TEES
Gorsuch colleague ALITO
Green shampoo PRELL
Hangs on to KEEPS
Having four sharps INE
Hereditary unit GENE
Himalayan denizens YAKS
Hindu life lesson SUTRA
Hosiery headaches SNAGS
Hosp. triage specialists ERDOCS
Identify NAME
Impressive, as a deal KILLER
In __: unborn UTERO
Influenced SWAYED
Intel product with the wrong toon rodent? COMPUTERDALE
Intl. commerce group WTO
It often involves a password USERID
John was one: Abbr BAPT
Judge’s choice LENIENCY
Kind of vb INTR
Language description derived from sailors’ chatter SALTY
Latin catchall ETALIA
Law office helpers PARAS
Les États-__ UNIS
Liable to sing? BLABBY
Like rough seas CHOPPY
Like some orders HOLY
Louvre sculpture of the wrong sister? SERENADEMILO
Lucy’s neighbor of old TV ETHEL
Manhattan sch NYU
Marshall Plan pres HST
Metalworker with the wrong gun manufacturer? BLACKWESSON
Mex. miss SRTA
Miami suburb with a Seminole-derived name OPALOCKA
Missouri tributary OSAGE
Modern crime-solving aid DNATEST
Narcissism EGOMANIA
Narrow, roadwise ONELANE
One-named Swedish singer with the 1997 hit ‘Show Me Love’ ROBYN
Org. once led by Bush 41 CIA
Pallid ASHY
Part of 41-Acr EMER
Power co. output ELEC
Prepare for cooking, as beans SOAK
Prince Valiant’s love ALETA
Really tickle ELATE
Really wet spot SWAMP
Refuses to concede DENIES
Rent again RELET
Reunion arrivals UNCLES
River to Lyon SAONE
San Antonio-to-Dallas dir NNE
Saturn, to Greeks CRONUS
Sean of ‘Stranger Things’ ASTIN
Seed cover ARIL
Serious searches QUESTS
Shows concern CARES
Silent MUM
Sitting on ATOP
Small file folders, e.g ICONS
Specified STATED
Stable supplies TACK
Street __ CRED
Sty wallower SOW
Subdue with a shock TASE
Tea prep vessels KETTLES
Telltale warning, maybe ODOR
Texter’s ‘My bad’ SRY
That, in Santiago ESA
Timbuktu’s land MALI
Time for night owls WEEHOURS
Town square art STATUE
Tracking device RADAR
TV warrior princess XENA
Type of blouse PEASANT
Type of card or watch SMART
Underworld HADES
Vie for office RUN
Wanderers NOMADS
Watergate judge John SIRICA
Ways of looking at an issue ASPECTS
Where it’s risky to be out ONALIMB
Wine label word CRU
__ fair JOB
__ Nui: Easter Island RAPA