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Random information on the term “ACES”:

In baseball, an ace is the best starting pitcher on a team and nearly always the first pitcher in the team’s starting rotation. Barring injury or exceptional circumstances, an ace typically starts on Opening Day. In addition, aces are usually preferred to start crucial playoff games, sometimes on three days rest.

The term may be a derivation of the nickname of Asa Brainard, (real first name: “Asahel”), a 19th-century star pitcher, who was sometimes referred to as “Ace”.

In the early days of baseball, the term “ace” was used to refer to a run.

A lot of modern baseball analysts and fans have started using the term “ace” to refer to the elite pitchers in the game, not necessarily to the best starting pitcher on each team. For example, the April 27, 1981 Sports Illustrated cover was captioned “The Amazing A’s and Their Five Aces” to describe the starting rotation of the 1981 Oakland Athletics.

ACES on Wikipedia

Random information on the term “BEST”:

The Best FIFA Football Awards 2016 were held on 9 January 2017 in Zurich, Switzerland. The Best FIFA Football Awards are the annual recognitions awarded by FIFA to several individuals across different categories, including: best eleven players of the year, known as FIFA FIFPro World XI (awards goalkeeper, defenders, midfielders, attackers), FIFA World Coach of the Year for men’s and for women’s football, best female player of the year, best male player of the year, and best goal of the year (known as FIFA Puskás Award). The FIFA Fair Play Award is the only award that usually goes to groups or entities instead of individuals.

The selection criteria for the (men’s and women’s) players of the year were: sporting performance, as well as general conduct on and off the pitch from 20 November 2015 to 22 November 2016. The selection criteria for the coaches of the year were: performance and general behaviour of their teams on and off the pitch from 20 November 2015 to 22 November 2016.

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Random information on the term “BRAS”:

In computer networking, Internet Protocol Control Protocol (IPCP) is a Network Control Protocol (NCP) for establishing and configuring Internet Protocol over a Point-to-Point Protocol link. IPCP is responsible for configuring the IP addresses as well as for enabling and disabling the IP protocol modules on both ends of the point-to-point link. IPCP uses the same packet exchange mechanism as the Link Control Protocol. IPCP packets may not be exchanged until PPP has reached the Network-Layer Protocol phase, and any IPCP packets received before this phase is reached should be silently discarded. IPCP has the NCP protocol code number 0x8021.

Each of the two endpoints of a PPP connection must send an IPCP configure request to its peer because the TCP/IP options are independent for each direction of a PPP connection.

A PPP endpoint can request a specific IP address from its peer. It can also ask the peer to suggest an IP address by requesting the address; the peer then sends its suggestion in an IPCP Nak packet, which the first peer must subsequently request in order to complete the negotiation. In practice, in protocols like PPPoE which is commonly used in home broadband connections, the latter method (request suggestion, nak with suggestion, request suggested address) is used to set the IP address of the ISP’s client endpoint (i.e. the customer-premises equipment), while the former method (request address) is used to inform the client of the ISP endpoint IP (provider edge equipment).

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Random information on the term “LIDS”:

In computer security, the Linux Intrusion Detection System (LIDS) is a patch to the Linux kernel and associated administrative tools that enhances the kernel’s security by implementing mandatory access control (MAC). When LIDS is in effect, chosen file access, all system network administration operations, any capability use, raw device, memory, and I/O access can be made impossible, even for root. One can define which programs can access specific files. It uses and extends the system capabilities bounding set to control the whole system and adds some network and filesystem security features to the kernel to enhance the security. One can finely tune the security protections online, hide sensitive processes, receive security alerts through the network, and more. LIDS currently supports Linux kernel 2.6, 2.4. LIDS is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

As of 2013, the Project appears to be dead. The last updates on the homepage and in the associated forum are from 2010.

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Random information on the term “CAPS”:

In molecular biology, restriction fragment length polymorphism, or RFLP, is a technique that exploits variations in homologous DNA sequences. It refers to a difference between samples of homologous DNA molecules from differing locations of restriction enzyme sites, and to a related laboratory technique by which these segments can be illustrated. In RFLP analysis, the DNA sample is broken into pieces (and digested) by restriction enzymes and the resulting restriction fragments are separated according to their lengths by gel electrophoresis. Although now largely obsolete due to the rise of inexpensive DNA sequencing technologies, RFLP analysis was the first DNA profiling technique inexpensive enough to see widespread application. RFLP analysis was an important tool in genome mapping, localization of genes for genetic disorders, determination of risk for disease, and paternity testing.

The basic technique for the detecting of RFLPs involves fragmenting a sample of DNA by a restriction enzyme, which can recognize and cut DNA wherever a specific short sequence occurs, in a process known as a restriction digest. The resulting DNA fragments are then separated by length through a process known as agarose gel electrophoresis, and transferred to a membrane via the Southern blot procedure. Hybridization of the membrane to a labeled DNA probe then determines the length of the fragments which are complementary to the probe. An RFLP occurs when the length of a detected fragment varies between individuals. Each fragment length is considered an allele, and can be used in genetic analysis.

CAPS on Wikipedia

Random information on the term “MAX”:

El Max (Arabic: المكس‎‎) is a neighborhood in Alexandria, Egypt.

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Random information on the term “FIRST”:

Manchester is the largest city in the U.S. state of New Hampshire, the tenth largest city in New England, and as of 2015 the largest city in northern New England, an area comprising the states of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. It is located in Hillsborough County along the banks of the Merrimack River, which divides the city into eastern and western sections. Manchester is near the northern end of the Northeast megalopolis. It was first named by the merchant and inventor Samuel Blodget (after whom Samuel Blodget Park and Blodget Street in Manchester’s North End are named). Blodget’s vision was to create a great industrial center similar to that of the original Manchester in England, which was the world’s first industrialized city.

Manchester often appears favorably in lists ranking the affordability and livability of American cities. In 2009, rated Manchester 13th in a list of the 100 best cities in which to live and launch a business in the United States. In addition, Kiplinger voted Manchester the second most tax-friendly city in the United States, second only to Anchorage, Alaska. Also in 2009, Forbes magazine ranked the Manchester region first on its list of “America’s 100 Cheapest Places to Live.” According to the Equality of Opportunity Project, released in 2013, Manchester ranked as the seventh best metropolitan area in terms of upward income mobility in the United States.

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Random information on the term “SUPER”:

SUPER © [sic] (Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Recoder) is a closed-source adware front-end for open-source software video players and encoders provided by the FFmpeg, MEncoder, MPlayer, x264, ffmpeg2theora, musepack, Monkey’s Audio, True Audio, WavPack, libavcodec, and the Theora/Vorbis RealProducer plugIn projects. SUPER © provides a graphical user interface to these back-end programs, which are command-line based.

SUPER can manipulate and produce many multimedia file formats supported by its back-end programs.

As of 2016, SUPER has a built in enhanced 3D Video Converter & Recorder engine.

The proposed 3D variations are: 3D Anaglyph, Polarized or Shutter side-by-side.

v2017.Build.71+3D+Recorder (April 7, 2017) offers the following encoding modes:

Back-end program features supported by SUPER © include saving various streaming protocols (mms, rtsp, and http), conversion of Flash Video to other formats, and user-controlled conversion of video between different container formats. Users can choose between various lossless direct audio/video transfers between container formats or lossy video/audio encoding, with encoding possessing the added ability to change video and audio specifications such as bitrate, frame rate, audio channels, resolution, sampling rate, and aspect ratio. SUPER © is also able to utilize its back-end’s built-in media players, allowing playback of supported video and audio formats.

SUPER on Wikipedia

Random information on the term “NIFTY”:

India Index Services and Products Ltd (IISL), a group Company of NSE Ltd., was set up in May 1998 to provide a variety of indices and index related services and products for the Indian capital markets. It is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. India Index Services & Products Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of NSE Strategic Investment Corporation Limited. The company maintains over 100 equity indices comprising broad-based benchmark indices, sectoral indices and customized indices.

Many investment and risk management products based on IISL indices have been developed in the recent past, within India and abroad. These include index based derivatives traded on NSE, Singapore Exchange (SGX) and Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and a number of index funds and exchange traded funds.

IISL has been formed with the objective of providing a variety of indices and index related services and products for the capital markets.

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