Universal Crossword Answers Crossword December 14, 2022

Daily solution for the Universal Crossword Answers Crossword December 14, 2022. The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
“Is it necessary for me to do this?” MUSTI
Zilch NADA
Life story, in brief BIO
Remove, as a dowel UNPEG
Broken mirrors, to some OMENS
Perlman of “Hellboy” RON
Point a univ. teacher in another direction? TURNAPROFIT
Shoo-___ (easy winners) INS
Give off EMIT
LiMu ___ (insurance mascot) EMU
Less-common belly button type OUTIE
Treaty between peace-hating countries? THEWARSAWPACT
Poet’s before ERE
Luxury purse monogram YSL
Dedicated poems ODES
“Social contract” philosopher John LOCKE
“Eureka!” AHA
“What’s the big ___?” IDEA
One making jokes at a farmer’s market? STANDUPCOMEDIAN
Salicylic acid target ACNE
Envision SEE
Hall of Fame pitcher Martinez PEDRO
Noteworthy periods ERAS
Word after “cutie” or “coconut cream” PIE
___ Taylor (clothing chain) ANN
Like a cash register that can break 5s and 10s? FULLOFONESELF
___ apso LHASA
Quaint lodging INN
Poet Whitman WALT
It gives a rower power OAR
Talkie predecessor, and a hint to understanding this puzzle’s theme SILENTMOVIE
Throw on the floor, say? RUG
Follow an outline TRACE
The “A” in IPA ALE
Mellowed, like wine AGED
PC storage medium, once CDROM
Silence, as on Zoom MUTE
E pluribus ___ UNUM
Mostly green soda container SPRITECAN
Bowler’s final frame TENTH
French Open champion Swiatek IGA
French for “love” AMOUR
“Fer shure!” DEF
Feminist icon DiFranco ANI
Big name in water filtration BRITA
Type of bond or column IONIC
Earliest phase ONSET
Vermont ski resort STOWE
Church seating PEWS
Positive part of a situation UPSIDE
Sized up EYED
NYC neighborhood above Canal Street SOHO
Sandler of “Uncut Gems” ADAM
Anna’s sister in “Frozen” ELSA
Campus cadet org. ROTC
Prepares to propose, perhaps KNEELS
Top gun ACE
Kindly helped out DIDAFAVOR
Make, as money EARN
Quotation book abbr. ANON
Org. with U-2s and B-52s USAF
Chilean cash PESO
Fencing blade EPEE
Cook, like chestnuts ROAST
Ain’t another way? ISNT
___ and fauna FLORA
Self-mover’s rental UHAUL
Size for fries LARGE
Sister’s daughter NIECE
Love, with “the” LWORD
Long car that might have a bar LIMO
___ spirit TEAM
Nest egg type IRA
Online gaming annoyance LAG
___ and cheese MAC