Universal Crossword Answers – Dec 11 2022

Daily solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Dec 11 2022. The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
“Batman” installment, e.g ISSUE
“Fancy meeting you here!” OHHI
“Head for the hills!” RUN
“Hellraiser” actress Clayton JAMIE
“I wanna do it!” LEMME
“I’ll await your letter!” WRITEME
“Me day” destination SPA
“Not me!” IDONT
“Open sesame!” speaker ALIBABA
“Shang-Chi” actor Liu SIMU
“The Phantom of the Opera” suitor RAOUL
“when r u arriving?” ETA
“Yes, ___” (“Darn tootin’”) INDEEDY
“___ just not fair!” ITS
16th prez ABE
Acute care pro ERDOC
Amherst sch UMASS
Archenemies (note the last 2 letters of this clue’s answer …) NEMESES
Arterial implant STENT
Aww-inspiring? (… + first 3) ADORABLE
Bad thing to get off to in a race SLOWSTART
Bareilles of “Girls5eva” SARA
Bothered relentlessly ATEAT
Brine ingredient SALT
Bring joy to ELATE
Chaperone (last 4 letters …) ESCORT
Containing iron FERRIC
Cost to enter FEE
Denouement LASTACT
Director Burton TIM
Disneyland transport TRAM
Facility in Quantico, Va FBILAB
Fishing vessel TRAWLER
Fur baby PET
Get some air? BREATHE
Grandson of Eve ENOS
Grizzlies, e.g BEARS
Habitat for oysters (last 3 letters …) MUDFLAT
Helium, for one GAS
Honnold who free soloed El Capitan ALEX
Hospital hookups IVS
Israeli city on the Mediterranean (… + first 2) TELAVIV
Jet ___ LAG
Lattice for plants TRELLIS
Light beams LASERS
Like a toady SERVILE
Like knees when kneeling BENT
Makeup of a white blanket? SNOW
Messy digs STY
Name that’s a fruit backward EMIL
Not odd EVEN
Online business ETAIL
Opinion columns OPEDS
Ordinary guy (last 2 letters …) JOESCHMO
Part of WWII WAR
Persist (… + the first 6 of this one) PRESSON
Person living abroad, perhaps EXPAT
Place to get hitched (… + first 3) CHAPEL
Prescribed things, briefly MEDS
Put back to 0 RESET
Sashimi fish TUNA
Scaredy-cat WIMP
Screw up ERR
Second section PARTB
Sheet of glass PANE
Soft shoe material SUEDE
Soothing succulent ALOE
Speech characteristic for some LISP
Starts to melt THAWS
State confidently AVER
Tandem bike’s capacity TWO
Tax filing mo APR
Tenant’s document LEASE
Tire patterns TREADS
Uses the + sign ADDS
What a dog “shakes” with PAW
What’s left to cartographers? WEST
Workplaces for surgeons: Abbr ORS