Universal Crossword Answers – Jan 2 2019

Daily solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Jan 2 2019 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"Later" SEEYA
"None of the above" answer OTHER
"The Americans" star Russell KERI
"___ it or leave it" TAKE
AARP members SRS
African carnivore that’s technically closer to a weasel HONEYBADGER
Albuquerque-to-Dallas dir ESE
Animated film star VOICEACTOR
Bassoon’s higher relative OBOE
Beauty mark MOLE
Big name in outdoor gear REI
Bottom of a shirt HEM
Bounce back, in a way ECHO
Breathe hard PANT
Bronte heroine EYRE
Bumper accessory BRA
Certain something AURA
Chicago airport OHARE
Chinese herbivore that’s technically closer to a raccoon REDPANDA
Compost bin smell ODOR
Corn serving EAR
Dance partner? SONG
Down the road SOMEDAY
Drill attachment BIT
Durable wood TEAK
Dwell on BELABOR
Emotion of pity PATHOS
EMT’s skill CPR
Engineers’ undergrad degs BSS
Eyes, poetically ORBS
Final notice, for short OBIT
Footstool OTTOMAN
Gentlemen (Abbr.) MESSRS
Get to work on Time? EDIT
Head pests LICE
Hitching or scratching place POST
Incline SLOPE
Kind of antenna DIPOLE
Kuwaiti, e.g ARAB
Lakers star Bryant KOBE
Laundry unit LOAD
Looked at EYED
Lord’s Prayer start OUR
Louise of "Gilligan’s Island" TINA
Marine invertebrate that’s technically an echinoderm STARFISH
Marine predator that’s technically a dolphin KILLERWHALE
Muesli morsel OAT
Nasal cavity SINUS
Objective AIM
Old-fashioned "Cool!" NEATO
One side in eight-ball SOLIDS
Opposite of baja ALTA
Pageant crown TIARA
Pay (up) PONY
Peddle HAWK
Pirouette perch TOE
Poe’s ___ Morgue RUE
Poultry alternative BEEF
Pub order ROUND
Scarecrow stuffing STRAW
Shoots the breeze YAKS
Show host EMCEE
Site of the Taj Mahal AGRA
Skin opening PORE
Sonogram target WOMB
Southeast Asian omnivore that’s technically unrelated to either part of its name BEARCAT
Stir-fry pans WOKS
Textile worker DYER
The same, in footnotes IDEM
Willy Wonka’s creator DAHL
Youngest "Baby Blues" child WREN
___ Piper ("Silicon Valley" start-up) PIED