Universal Crossword Answers – July 4 2018 Wednesday

Daily solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – July 4 2018 Wednesday. The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Clues Answers
"Ah man. Me again?" ALAS
"Circle" prefix SEMI
"Great" African APE
Acceptable to eat EDIBLE
Airport area GATE
Any liner HER
Bacteria-ridden GERMY
Bottled water brand FIJI
Brown or white stuff SUGAR
Campus bigwig DEAN
Condescend DEIGN
Cruise workers CREW
Delmarva Shorebirds e.g. MINOR LEAGUE CLUB
Discharged soldier DEMOB
Doorway header LINTEL
Drink size LARGE
El ___ (Spanish hero) CID
Fancy whoop-de-do GALA
Firefighter’s tool HOSE
Foot of a poet IAMB
Frankenstein’s flunky IGOR
French ___ (South American department) GUIANA
From the top ANEW
Gala participants briefly DEBS
Gecko kin EFT
Get even AVENGE
Handy type of bar? SPACE
Have no reception? ELOPE
Highlands language ERSE
Hilton rival RAMADA
Historic time ERA
Horned creature RAM
Iowa city AMES
Isolated spot of land ISLE
Letters of inflation PSI
Like easy riddles GETTABLE
Like sandpaper COARSE
Like snow leopards RARE
Loaf heels really ENDS
Make corrections to EMEND
Makes forbidden BANS
Mercy from a judge LENIENCY
Mixture or medley OLIO
Nanny in China AMAH
One of the "Two Women" LOREN
Paper connector TAPE
Paper on the house? DEED
Pretend not to see IGNORE
Rate of flow of energy FLUX
Regularly done thing NORMAL PROCEDURE
Ristorante intoxicator VINO
Ruling division? INCH
Sea creature’s breather GIL
Sights from the back row? NAPES
Snoring under sheets ABED
Some grades DEES
Source of brown fur STOAT
Spoken ALOUD
Spread rumors BRUIT
Super easy victory ROMP
Taunting comment GIBE
Tennis great Agassi ANDRE
Things for surgeons MAJOR OPERATIONS
Three strikes = out e.g. RULE
Tidal bore EAGRE
To boot TOO
Tried to lose a few DIETED
Ultimatum close ELSE
Uncover as information DIGUP
Venice thoroughfare CANAL
Vinegary ACETIC
Water navigator RAFT
Wine room CELLAR
With all the extras DELUXE
Worker getting steamed? IRONER