Universal Crossword Answers – Jun 1 2018

Daily solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Jun 1 2018. The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Clues Answers
"Famous" cookie dude AMOS
"Faux" follower PAS
"Once ___ a midnight …" UPON
"Parliament" attachment ARIAN
"Today I ___ man!" AMA
"___ Frutti" TUTTI
"___ the night before …" TWAS
28-Across alternative PAPA
Agrees silently NODS
Airport postings, for short ETAS
Alaskan city NOME
An early word DADA
Angle not quite right? ACUTE
Ape film of 1995 CONGO
Atlas blue OCEAN
Attila, for one HUN
Australian bird EMU
Baby wipes additive ALOE
Band of eight OCTET
Beautiful pitchers EWERS
Beta tester, e.g USER
Blend STIR
Boozers SOTS
Builders, e.g ERECTERS
Chapter 11 topic DEBT
Chili container POT
Chinese nursemaid AMAH
Christian name? DIOR
City council member ALDERMAN
Conciliates APPEASES
Container’s weight TARE
Dark times, poetically EENS
Dogcatcher’s target CUR
Dynamic introduction? AERO
En ___ (as a group) MASSE
Equestrian’s holdings REINS
Fit of chills and fever AGUE
Funny Cheech MARIN
Had in hand HELD
Historic 1944 date DDAY
Imagines vocally? THINKSUPOUTLOUD
Is inquisitive ASKS
Its bark is silent TREE
Japanese green bean EDAMAME
Lacer’s creation LOOP
Last word of movies? END
Like custom drapes? MADEUPTOMEASURE
Like some buckets OAKEN
Like some vandalized cars KEYED
Make cardigans KNIT
Many adults MEN
Mary’s charge LAMB
Mauna ___ KEA
Measel kin? MUMP
Noel mo DEC
Olde boutique SHOPPE
Pale with fright ASHEN
Pizza part CRUST
Sandwich sellers DELIS
Set up software INSTALL
Shocking creatures EELS
Sign of things to come OMEN
Smushed circles OVALS
Soft drink variety COLA
Space chimp ENOS
Speaks to Moses? SAYST
Speechifier ORATOR
Split REND
Type of pay TAKEHOME
Used a library’s ladder? WENTUPBYTHEBOOK
Vividly colored parrot MACAW
Volcanic spew LAVA
Without slack TENSE
Work that runway MODEL
Young’s partner ERNST
___ up (enlivens) PEPS