Universal Crossword Answers – Jun 10 2020

Daily solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Jun 10 2020 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"Everything" pizza order THEWORKS
"Just Do It," for example SLOGAN
"Where ___ you?" ARE
"Why I ___ …" OUGHTA
"___ volunteers?" ANY
16th prez ABE
Adjust the fit of ALTER
All-day breakfast chain IHOP
Baptism or wedding RITEOFPASSAGE
Became furious SAWRED
Beyond rare? RAW
Big game species ELK
Business offering a 13-Down SPA
Cause to go "vroom" REV
Churchgoer’s contribution TITHE
Clever humor WIT
Coca-___ COLA
Comforting touch PAT
Components PARTS
Deduction on an IRS form TAXWRITEOFF
Dog command that’s the opposite of "Come!" STAY
Enjoys a shopping spree SPENDS
Exchanged TRADED
Faded, as fabric WASHEDOUT
Fallback option PLANB
Finger-wagging phrase NONO
Former’s counterpart LATTER
Give in to gravity SAG
Golf benchmark PAR
Hen’s perch ROOST
Hoped-for proposal answer YES
In the near future SOON
Infested, as with weeds OVERRUN
Insensitive TONEDEAF
Journalism basics FIVEWS
Lasting impression? SCAR
Late ’70s dance music DISCO
Laundry unit LOAD
Lifesaving fig EMT
Long-eared animal ASS
Low female voice ALTO
Lower digit TOE
Make blue, say DYE
Mama Cass ELLIOT
Move to tears, say? BORE
Night before EVE
Not injured UNHURT
One half of a noted aviation team ORVILLEWRIGHT
One of 52 in a deck CARD
Org. for lawyers ABA
Place for a piercing LOBE
Placed coins into FED
Praising poems ODES
Prefix related to mono- UNI
Primitive fishing tool SPEAR
Proposal joint KNEE
Put handcuffs on ARREST
Robin’s residence NEST
Rodeo cry YEEHAW
Rubs the wrong way IRKS
Slangy pet name BAE
Sleep apnea doc ENT
Storage container BIN
Subarctic forest biome TAIGA
Suddenly become attentive SNAPTO
Tiny home invaders ANTS
Treatment for upper facial hair, informally BROWWAX
Unofficial poll STRAWVOTE
Valuable vein contents ORE
What you might pass on LORE
Wolfed down ATE
___ Dame NOTRE
___ place ("8," for "18") ONES
___ Wednesday ASH