Universal Crossword Answers – June 6 2018

Daily solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – June 6 2018. The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Clues Answers
"Bics" header AERO
"Pen" or "ten" stick-on SION
"You haven’t been here in forever" WELCOMESTRANGER
"___ Secretary" (TV show) MADAM
45’s moneymaker ASIDE
Abbr. on a bomber USAF
Actress Mia FARROW
Adversary ENEMY
Alcohol variety ETHYL
Aloha alternative HELLO
Anticavity org ADA
Battery-operated car TESLA
Ben Franklin heater STOVE
Boss of fashion HUGO
Buck-wild fight MELEE
Butter? No, fake OLEO
Catherine ___-Jones ZETA
Certain loaves RYES
Common seasoning SALT
Congo, now ZAIRE
Continued, as a decision UPHELD
Copy a fabled wolf HUFF
Crude liquid OIL
Day worker TEMP
Edgar ___ Poe ALLAN
Elevation in Arizona MESA
Emulate a blender WHIR
Emulate an eagle SWOOP
Females in cotes EWES
Giants slugger Mel OTT
Glittered SHONE
Good thing for you ASSET
Handled props ACTED
Handler USER
Handy appendage? ARM
Having wings ALAR
Home storage locale ATTIC
Hospital cupful DOSE
Huge in scale EPIC
If all ___ fails .. ELSE
In ___ (in lockstep) SYNC
Incandescence GLOW
Ireland another way EIRE
It rises HEAT
King Harald’s father OLAV
Load at the docks LADE
Make amends ATONE
Make giddy ELATE
Mighty wind GALE
Most frequently OFTENEST
Naysayers’ answers NOES
Norwegian capital OSLO
Pack groceries BAG
Paged quickly? LEAFED
Performer’s need TALENT
Pond organism ALGA
Pool table covering FELT
Re-strengthened (with "up") FIRMED
Reverse UNDO
Rodeo necessity LASSO
Roll for a big spender WAD
See-through item PANE
Sifter SIEVE
Sketched DREW
Sonneteer POET
Supporter ALLY
Try to buy time STALL
Type of salts EPSOM
Valuable card ACE
Veep’s boss PREXY
What many U.S. corps. are FREEOFINCOMETAX
Word with "moth" EATEN
Your brother’s kid NIECE