Universal Crossword Answers – June 8 2018

Daily solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – June 8 2018. The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Clues Answers
"Mount" attachment PARA
"STILL raining?" for one COMMONCOMPLAINT
"Sun" attachment SCREEN
"The lady ___ protest …" DOTH
"To ___ it may concern" WHOM
"You’re ___ something" ONTO
"___ Gotta Have It" SHES
"___ reflection …" UPON
1945 Big Three site YALTA
Alcatraz filler, once CONS
Animal neck hair MANE
Argentine grassland LLANO
Attach to a lapel PINON
Bald avian EAGLE
Banker’s security LIEN
Banned bug spray DDT
Bowl go-with SPOON
Bring smiles to ELATE
Catchall category OTHERS
Common get-about AUTO
Continental cash EURO
Cut and paste text EMEND
Cut loose on the floor DANCE
Director Preminger OTTO
Do extremely well EXCEL
Dried up, withered SERE
Egomaniac’s want COMPLETECONTROL
Fishy places SEAS
Footnote abbr ETAL
Freelancer’s detail? SPEC
Geneticist’s duplicate CLONE
Geraint’s love ENID
Grp. aligned in 1949 NATO
Have a blast with it TNT
Horse gait TROT
Impudent PERT
Just beat out EDGE
Knot up again RETIE
Lend personal assurance VOUCH
Long, heroic poem EPOS
Make glass decorative ETCH
Modern walkway material COLOREDCONCRETE
Monk’s pledge VOW
Mound bagful ROSIN
Mousse alternative GEL
Nabisco cookie OREO
Needing to be found LOST
Night, if you’re 425 EEN
Not well ILL
One of the Bible’s 150 PSALM
Opens the toothpaste UNCAPS
Pre-Lincoln capital OMAHA
Preachy piece OPED
Reaping tool SCYTHE
Release, as sweat EGEST
Rice Krispies sound SNAP
Saroyan title name ARAM
Silk dress fabric NINON
Skip over OMIT
Small monkey TITI
Soloist + trio + duo + duo OCTET
Sparkling valuable GEM
Splinter groups SECTS
Sprite IMP
Squealed TOLD
Take a potshot SNIPE
Temp of old STENO
Thespian ACTOR
Trade shows EXPOS
Tree with "fans" PALMETTO
Tributary of the Rhine RUHR
Try out new wheels ROADTEST
Using an ottoman SEATED
Way to steal gas SIPHON
Wise ones SAGES