Universal Crossword Answers – Mar 23 2019

Daily solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Mar 23 2019 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"Chiquitita" quartet ABBA
"Ha! I was right!" TOLDYA
"Looks ___ everything" ARENT
"Tarzan" extra APE
"Yeah, right" IBET
"___ a minute?" GOT
3/17 honoree, briefly STPAT
45-Down’s continent ASIA
Actress Kunis MILA
Advil target ACHE
African language group BANTU
Anti-union contract type YELLOWDOG
Astonish AMAZE
Bad lighting? ARSON
Barley bristle AWN
Baseball stat RBI
Bit of kindling TWIG
Boot tip TOE
Brazilian berry ACAI
Buddies PALS
Camera lens type ZOOM
Coal container BIN
Conk on the head BOP
Court, in King Arthur’s day WOO
Criticize harshly PAN
Cry of dismay OHNO
Cut back PARE
Divided SPLIT
Does some tailoring HEMS
Dracula, at times BAT
Enjoy a margarita SIP
Family disgrace BLACKSHEEP
Fit together well MESH
Fodder holder SILO
Getting on in years AGING
Grammar topic USAGE
Grape juice + ice cream + milk PURPLECOW
Green Monopoly building HOUSE
Hallucinogen-yielding cactus PEYOTE
Helped AIDED
Hog’s home STY
Inspector Clouseau film, with "The" PINKPANTHER
It’s worth a thousand words PICTURE
Japanese noodle SOBA
Lambs’ moms EWES
Laptop brand ACER
Late Carroll character WHITERABBIT
Laundry fluff LINT
Like Hitchcock movies EERIE
Lively wit ESPRIT
Loafer, e.g SHOE
Love to pieces ADORE
Many a freshman, age-wise TEEN
Mean cur BITER
Mercedes competitor BMW
Misleading clue REDHERRING
Neighborhood near NYC’s Chinatown SOHO
Pastrami order request ONRYE
Pedestal’s bottom BASE
Pigtail, e.g BRAID
Playful chitchat BANTER
Poet Angelou MAYA
Rehab shakes, briefly DTS
Relief diagrams MAPS
Ring bearer, maybe EAR
Slow, musically LENTO
Some lodgings INNS
Sometimes-bald bird EAGLE
Stylist’s shop SALON
Subj. where you talk in class ESL
Swamp rodent MUSKRAT
Swedish currency KRONA
Tablelands MESAS
Tibet neighbor NEPAL
Wade through a puddle SLOSH
What a squid squirts INK
___ choy BOK
___ precedent SETA