Universal Crossword Answers s August 27, 2022

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Clues Answers
Tiny candy size MINI
Make ___ meet ENDS
Instruction on a door PUSH
Lounged around LAZEDABOUT
Not deceived by ONTO
Gives another chance, say SHOWSMERCY
Taylor Swift, to Swifties IDOL
Finished, as chores DID
___ the Red (Norse explorer) ERIK
Like July weather in Patagonia, often SNOWY
Long complaint RANT
Cool, in ’90s slang PHAT
Expert at one thing, perhaps SAVANT
Housecleaning robots ROOMBAS
“It wasn’t me!” IMINNOCENT
Fish in a Japanese garden KOI
Not be totally honest FUDGETHEDETAILS
PreCheck org. TSA
Sao Paulo LGBTQ Pride ___ (world’s largest pride event) PARADE
Baker’s safety item MITT
“___ te llamas?” (“What is your name?”) COMO
Unit of ice cream SCOOP
Reverberate ECHO
Words before “few rounds” GOA
“Keep me in the ___!” LOOP
Fantasy setting? IDEALWORLD
Rice-shaped pasta ORZO
Draws attention TURNSHEADS
React to a gut-wrenching movie, maybe WEEP
“What are the ___?” ODDS
When doubled, a Hawaiian fish MAHI
Polo shirt brand IZOD
Fresh NEW
Driver’s license and passport, e.g. IDS
Pulitzer-winning film critic Roger EBERT
Seaweed used in sushi NORI
Things to dabble in? DUCKPONDS
Pig’s home STY
Second place? POINTB
Command after a computer goof UNDO
Secure in an overhead bin STOW
Word before “cannoli” or “cow” HOLY
Drug whose “D” stands for diethylamide LSD
___ Adams (Boston brewer, informally) SAM
Called up RANG
Actress Hathaway ANNE
Spots to swim during a vacation HOTELPOOLS
Aerate, as flour SIFT
Elicit a chuckle from AMUSE
Author in “Livin’ La Vida Loca”? VIDAL
___’s Pieces REESE
Director Kurosawa AKIRA
Attached a bottom to, as a shoe SOLED
Talked to flirtatiously CHATTEDUP
“Makes sense” ISEE
49ers or 76ers TEAM
Natural hairstyle AFRO
Panic! at the Disco genre EMOPOP
Bigwig, briefly VIP
Gregorian ___ (Middle Ages musical tradition) CHANT
Decelerate SLOW
Middle Earth? CORE
“Superbad” actor Michael CERA
Pulitzer-winning poet Sharon OLDS
Promotional spots ADS
The “I” of FWIW ITS
“Should I recognize that name?” WHO
Ref. that added “gaslighter” in 2022 OED