Universal Crossword Answers – Sep 7 2021

Daily solution for the Universal Crossword Answers – Sep 7 2021 . The Universal Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
"… blessing ___ curse?" ORA
"A dolphin sleeps with one eye open," e.g FACT
"Boo-hoo!" SOSAD
"Dang!" SHOOT
"Now, about …" ASTO
Address that contains dots, briefly URL
African snake MAMBA
Ages and ages EONS
Ancient letter RUNE
Anti-censorship grp ACLU
Approach hastily RUNAT
Cable co., often ISP
Cautious acrobat’s device NET
Clamors DINS
Coffee, slangily JOE
Collect together AMASS
Completely destroys TOTALS
Costa ___ RICA
Dismiss with contempt SNEERAT
Edible ice cream holder CONE
Employee’s annual goal? RAISE
Entourage POSSE
Fail to save SPEND
Frozen french fry brand OREIDA
Fruits that Turkey produces the most of FIGS
Gallic denial NON
Gather little by little GLEAN
Gobbles (down) SNARFS
Grading aid RUBRIC
Great Plains tribe ARAPAHO
Horses with speckled coats ROANS
Improvement that makes paper money harder to counterfeit? CASHADVANCE
In a few minutes, say SOON
Intended MEANT
Janitorial innovations? SWEEPINGCHANGES
Just one chip, perhaps ANTE
Lack of difficulty EASE
Lowest roll in Monopoly TWO
Made null VOIDED
Manual reader USER
Mask holder, usually EAR
Miss, in Mazatlan: Abbr SRTA
Mud bath venue SPA
Name that sounds like an insect BEA
Not as much LESS
Not cooked RAW
Notions IDEAS
Novelist’s language PROSE
One may jump into a garden DEER
Pallid WAN
People who have hot meals? FIREEATERS
Person with a stethoscope, briefly DOC
Positive outcome of child psychology? MINORADJUSTMENT
Possibilities IFS
Proverbial bump’s place LOG
Pungent bulb ONION
Qatar’s capital DOHA
Rainbow goddess IRIS
Really bad AWFUL
Revolutions in playground design? SWINGSHIFTS
Rid of obstruction UNCLOG
Russia, once: Abbr USSR
Satisfied cries AAHS
Self-satisfied SMUG
Seller’s warning ASIS
Smile segment LIP
Sophs., in two years SRS
Sound like a snake HISS
Steep, as tea BREW
Structures that are many blocks wide? ICEPALACES
Thing often stored in a weekly organizer PILL
Tiny, magical being ELF
Tuna type AHI
Unrelenting STERN
Used to be WAS
Very arid SAHARAN
Very, informally ULTRA
Word after "sitting" or "waiting" ROOM