USA Today Crossword Answers – Dec 1 2022

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'Come ___ About Me' (Supremes hit) SEE
'Don't ___ yourself short' SELL
'How wonderful!' YAY
'I ___ you so!' TOLD
'I'll have what she's having' THESAMEFORME
'It should have happened to me instead' feeling ENVY
'Nanny' star Diop ANNA
'Their ___ Were Watching God' EYES
'ur hilarious!' LOL
'You're hilarious!' HAHA
'___ you forgetting something?' ARENT
Abbreviation in many TikToks POV
And so on (Abbr.) ETC
Australia's national gemstone OPAL
Be very adoring DOTE
bell hooks book published in 2000 ALLABOUTLOVE
Blooper ___ REEL
Bouquet holder VASE
Cassowary or canary BIRD
Celestial object that Khonsu is god of MOON
Chimpanzee, for example APE
Comes to a close ENDS
Commercials ADS
Common time for lunch NOON
Conceals SHROUDS
Divvy up ALLOT
Do a home makeover REMODEL
Doc Ock's first name OTTO
Don't admit DENY
Doused with green Nickelodeon goo SLIMED
Feasted ATE
Feeling after barely catching the bus RELIEF
Fewer than UNDER
Fifty percent HALF
Fountain drinks SODAS
Furious IRATE
Genre of Christina C. Jones novels ROMANCE
Germany's capital BERLIN
Go on and on about how great someone is GUSH
Happened next ENSUED
Hawaiian dance HULA
Infrequent socializer LONER
Insect with a triangular head MANTIS
Insult DISS
It's been agreed to DONEDEAL
Lead single from Rihanna's 'Loud' ONLYGIRL
Leftmost color on the flag of Palestine RED
Lion's lair DEN
Little ornament TRINKET
Lose on purpose THROW
Manicure place SALON
Masjid leaders IMAMS
Midsection muscles ABS
Not yet known, for short TBD
One of Delta Sigma Theta's colors CRIMSON
Part of an ellipsis DOT
Parts of combs TEETH
Parts of many sci-fi devices LASERS
Per ___ (daily allowance) DIEM
Person born in 1955, for example BOOMER
Seek divine intervention PRAY
Some poems ODES
Something puzzling ENIGMA
Spanish for 'uncle' TIO
Spraying tool HOSE
Subsequently THEN
The E in BCE ERA
Tree that sounds like a vowel YEW
Tug-of-war object ROPE
Undistracted from the work at hand ONTASK
Unpleasant encounter RUNIN
Walkie-talkie medium RADIO
___ de Janeiro RIO
___ games (Pac-Man, Frogger, etc.) ARCADE
___ mater ALMA
___ out (distribute) DOLE