USA Today Crossword Answers – Dec 8 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Famous potatoes’ state IDAHO
‘Regular’ or ‘Sicilian’ order PIE
‘The Big Board’ letters NYSE
Alfresco eateries CAFES
Any Hippie Fest song OLDIE
Be a noodge to ANNOY
Best who was replaced by Ringo PETE
Bit of baloney LIE
Bow of silents and talkies CLARA
Brown or Rice email suffix EDU
Celeb who’s dating A-Rod JLO
City on the Po TURIN
Colorful marble AGATE
Comfort during hard times SOLACE
Curtain material LACE
Doctrine suffix ISM
Drier than sec BRUT
Dwindles, as popularity EBBS
Earned an A on ACED
Easter candy shape EGG
Elevators, to Brits LIFTS
Emergency treatment area FIRSTAIDSTATION
Feature of brown, but not white, rice BRAN
Feature of many T intersections THREEWAYSTOP
Feudal lord LIEGE
Final curtain END
Former vice president Agnew SPIRO
Friars Club events ROASTS
G-man or T-man FED
Gangster nicknamed ‘Scarface’ CAPONE
Google alternative BING
Had a bug AILED
Harvey of ‘Family Feud’ STEVE
Have a yen for WANT
Inouye Airport greeting ALOHA
Islamic struggles JIHADS
Legendary monster, affectionately NESSIE
Like an Olympic year EVEN
Like off-color humor RACY
Lowly laborer PEON
Marshmallow Easter candies PEEPS
More than occasionally OFTEN
More up to the task ABLER
Moves too slowly DRAGS
Movie studio constructions SETS
News parody website, with ‘The’ ONION
Old card game with a banker FARO
One on a pedestal IDOL
Pennsylvania city known for lake-effect snow ERIE
Peyton, to Archie Manning SON
Pickup capacity, perhaps ONETON
Pilot’s guess, for short ETA
Place for a feeding trough STY
Place to brood NEST
Prefix with lateral UNI
Profs’ aides TAS
Public radio premiums TOTES
Puts on Facebook POSTS
Rathskeller serving ALE
Santa’s reindeer, collectively OCTET
Sharpener’s creation POINT
Shelled out SPENT
Silly goose NINNY
Source of rice PADDY
Spending max CAP
Star’s go-between AGENT
Succotash bean LIMA
Superstore patronized by contractors THEHOMEDEPOT
Swinging apes, for short ORANGS
Tag ___ wrestling TEAM
Tasty mushroom MOREL
The Emerald Isle, to poets ERIN
The Kennedys, notably CLAN
Throat bug, briefly STREP
Treats, as a sprain ICES
Tree with quaking leaves ASPEN
Ukrainian region annexed by Russia CRIMEA
Working parents’ hire NANNY