USA Today Crossword Answers – Jan 1 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Fever’ singer Peggy LEE
‘Joy Luck Club’ author Amy TAN
‘King of Beers’ brand, for short BUD
‘Thrilla in Manila’ boxer ALI
‘To ___ it may . . .’ WHOM
‘Unleaded’ instant coffee brand SANKA
Air France hub ORLY
Applied henna to, say DYED
Bald tire’s lack TREAD
Bart’s toon mom MARGE
Be appropriate for SUIT
Canadian Conservative TORY
Chaplain’s nickname PADRE
Chipotle Mexican Grill order TACO
City messenger’s ride BIKE
Con man’s scheme SCAM
Cried one’s heart out SOBBED
Cropped up AROSE
Cry from the flock BAA
Delivery person’s assignment ROUTE
Division word INTO
Dr. Frankenstein’s creation MONSTER
Elbow-bender LUSH
Emollient-yielding plant ALOE
Engine’s locale, on old VWs REAR
Floater in a flume LOG
Foot, slangily TOOTSIE
Free pass at a tourney BYE
Glacier breakaway, for short BERG
Grab with a toothpick STAB
Granny or half hitch KNOT
Grate residue ASH
Green Hornet’s aide KATO
Green land, in poetry ERIN
Grow wearisome PALL
Hard-to-resist impulse URGE
Home to a biblical serpent EDEN
Labor organizer’s cry UNITE
Latte topper, perhaps ART
Like Pegasus WINGED
Magnum ___ (major work) OPUS
Making a patsy of USING
Mango center STONE
Many a resort locale ISLE
Minister’s nickname REV
Mother ___ (first American saint) SETON
Muscle firmness TONE
Name of 13 popes LEO
Not that great SOSO
Nuts’ mates BOLTS
Okra features PODS
Old TV feature KNOB
On one’s toes ALERT
Open with a letter opener SLIT
Pocket protector wearer, stereotypically NERD
Poland-Germany border river ODER
Port of Yemen ADEN
Reason to take Tums ACIDINDIGESTION
Reporter’s piece STORY
Shelf bracket shape ELL
Singer McEntire, or her sitcom REBA
Site of a famous marathon BOSTON
Sodium chloride, e.g NEUTRALCOMPOUND
Tap dancer Gregory HINES
Target practice locales RANGES
Texter’s ‘I’ve heard enough!’ TMI
The Scopes ‘Monkey ___’ of 1925 TRIAL
Timber wolf LOBO
Trade verbal jabs SPAR
Tubular pasta PENNE
Untapped, as a skill LATENT
Valet’s concern CAR
Walked briskly STRODE
Way up or down STEPS
Williams of ‘Ugly Betty’ VANESSA
Wine center near Turin ASTI
Year-end air CAROL