USA Today Crossword Answers – Jan 3 2023

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'Got food poisoning. ___ star since I can't give zero' ONE
'I'm warning you!' ORELSE
'In the ___ of an emergency . . .' EVENT
'Nothing to it!' EASY
'Ooh! Ooh!' *raises hand* PICKME
'Without further ___ . . .' ADO
'Yum! ___ stars out of five' FOUR
Acquires GETS
Attempts TRIES
Body's counterpart SOUL
Brownish photo tint SEPIA
Butt muscles GLUTES
Chitchats GABS
Christens NAMES
Color changers DYES
Coordinated Universal Time adjustment LEAPSECOND
Crispy dim sum item SPRINGROLL
Do what Slovenians call metanje zabic ('throwing frogs') SKIPSTONES
Dogs do it through their paws SWEAT
Drenched WET
Early video game company ATARI
First Nations group CREE
Flat floating structure RAFT
Free shot after a foul in soccer PENALTYKICK
Fruity drink suffix ADE
Game with foam weapons LARP
Got ready for a photo POSED
Grain that may be brown or purple RICE
Green New Deal legislator, for short AOC
Group activities involving locked doors ESCAPEROOMS
Hair ringlet CURL
Hairstyle named for its longevity PERM
Huge venues ARENAS
James ___ Jones EARL
K-pop band with an 'Army' of fans BTS
Language with extensive use of facial expressions ASL
Law that may require 25-Down interpreters ADA
Long journey TREK
Lubricates with butter GREASES
Matching group SET
Meter or liter UNIT
Mezcal plant AGAVE
Move very slowly, like traffic CRAWL
October birthstone OPAL
Online account holder USER
Pimples, whiteheads, etc ACNE
Pipes, for example TUBES
Practice in the ring SPAR
Prolific author ___ Roberts NORA
Re-pass in a race LAP
Recover quickly BOUNCEBACK
Redding who wrote 'Respect' OTIS
Renewable energy type SOLAR
Rental contract LEASE
River barriers DAMS
Run out of steam TIRE
Second chance REDO
Shocked inhale GASP
Sign of the future OMEN
Skirt style MIDI
Soothing plant ALOE
Splotchy print CAMO
Started eating DUGIN
Sunrise direction EAST
Take a small drink SIP
Tangled up INKNOTS
Thick slice SLAB
Tufuga ta tatau's country SAMOA
Turkey roasting step BASTE
Unfeeling NUMB
Unsettling EERIE
Woodworking decoration INLAY
___ en vaso (corn in a cup) ELOTE
___ gobi ALOO
___ hygiene (dentist's concern) ORAL