USA Today Crossword Answers – May 29 2021

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Clues Answers
'Dude . . .' BRO
'Fallen Too Far' author Glines ABBI
'Mighty Bruins' school UCLA
'The ___ the merrier!' MORE
2008 event where Mongolia won its first gold medal BEIJINGOLYMPICS
Aamras fruit MANGO
Actor's representative AGENT
Airport with a 'Sky's the Limit' walkway OHARE
Bible garden EDEN
Bible hymn PSALM
Bit of lightning BOLT
Black-and-white Nabisco product OREO
Boatloads ATON
Bottom's opposite TOP
Bust's opposite BOOM
Catchy tune BOP
Chiding sound TSK
Classes for some ballroom dancers TANGOLESSONS
Close to NEAR
Cold period ICEAGE
Commonplace in a bad way BANAL
Container of pop CAN
Corn or sorghum CROP
Crisp ginger cookie SNAP
Crude person BOOR
Desirable attribute ASSET
Device mounted near a nest EAGLECAM
Drain blockage CLOG
Fan funding website PATREON
Filled in SUBBED
Gas rating number OCTANE
Geometric calculation AREA
Get ___ the fun INON
Ginger paste amounts (Abbr.) TSPS
Gold, in Spanish ORO
Growth on old bread MOLD
Health care facility CLINIC
Holder of valuables SAFE
Homophone of 'hymn' HIM
Honey BAE
Implicit TACIT
Internet users who might wear pigtails EGIRLS
Largest blood vessel AORTA
Laudatory poems ODES
Letter between zeta and theta ETA
Long-tailed rodent RAT
Messy people SLOBS
Mine yield ORE
Mrs., in Spanish SRA
Need for making deep-fried mandu OIL
Not totally shut AJAR
Org. with a Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge FAA
Pampering place for cats and dogs PETSPA
Part of the portmanteau 'Blerd' NERD
Preschool basics ABCS
Remark from someone who's feeling their age IMGETTINGOLD
Rub it in GLOAT
Run out of energy TIRE
Sashimi tuna AHI
Ship's stopping place PORT
Ssambap wrapper LEAF
Star-crossed ILLFATED
Still-glowing coal EMBER
Strike gold HITITBIG
Supreme Court staffer LAWCLERK
Throat ailment STREP
Traps made of spider silk WEBS
Tugboat service TOW
Twelfth mo DEC
Washroom bowls BASINS
Waterbird associated with the constellation Cygnus SWAN
Yearned PINED
[This typo isn't mine] SIC
___ colada PINA
___ garage ONECAR
___ Juan Islands SAN
___ performance review YEAREND