USA Today Crossword Answers – Nov 16 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Training’ undergarment BRA
Aardvark’s meal ANTS
Added ‘un’ or ‘non’ to, e.g Prefixed
Ambient music pioneer Brian ENO
Backyard building SHED
Bana of ‘Lone Survivor’ ERIC
Be way cool, slangily RULE
Bear with a hard bed PAPA
Beyond walking distance, maybe FAR
Bone up at the 11th hour CRAM
Boston Marathon month APRIL
Butler’s invitation ENTER
Calendar entry (Abbr.) APPT
Cash on the Ginza YEN
Centerfold in a locker room, perhaps PINUP
Check endorsers’ needs PENS
Children’s aspirin brand STJOSEPH
Coax a smile from AMUSE
Corkscrew-shaped pasta ROTINI
Currency on the Continent EURO
Dance wildly FLAIL
Diminutive, in rap names LIL
Door-busting poles RAMS
Dr. Phil’s mentor OPRAH
Drew out EDUCED
Drift off briefly NAP
Eluded the catcher’s tag, perhaps SLIDHOME
Essential point CRUX
First resident of 71-Across ADAM
Food court enticement AROMA
Galifianakis of ‘The Hangover’ ZACH
Garden in Genesis EDEN
Globes, to poets ORBS
GMC Acadia or Chevy Tahoe (Abbr.) SPORTUTE
Gordon in outer space FLASH
Gym class exercise JUMPINGJACKS
Happy-hour patron’s perch STOOL
High-priced cracker spread PATE
Intermissions separate them ACTS
Iowa State’s home AMES
Joint in a shackle ANKLE
Kett of old comics ETTA
Leafy source of vitamin K KALE
Like a dryer trap, before cleaning LINTY
Lymphatic system mass NODE
Masseur’s workplace SPA
MD’s ‘At once!’ STAT
Memory lapse SLIP
Mercedes-Benz competitor AUDI
Mojito wedge LIME
Mother of William and Harry DIANA
Movie for which Halle Berry won an Oscar MONSTERSBALL
Mushroom morsel STEM
Object in a 33-Down TOOL
Oblong nut PECAN
Panera Bread appliance OVEN
Pastrami purveyor DELI
Plagiarized or pirated STOLEN
Puzzle in which an eye may stand for ‘I’ REBUS
Rids of typos, say EDITS
Scandal sheet couple ITEM
Sign up for JOIN
Slimming feature of pantyhose CONTROLTOP
Sound from a flock BAA
Squared off against FACED
Stack-serving eateries IHOPS
Stunt cyclist’s feat LEAP
Substance in much incense RESIN
Sudden shocks JOLTS
Talking up big-time HYPING
Task list heading TODO
Time-wasting fuss ADO
Unbridled enthusiasm ZEAL
Urban divisions CITYBLOCKS
Utterly absurd INANE
Waitress who said ‘Kiss my grits!’ FLO
Where a sensei teaches DOJO
___ lamp (1960s novelty) LAVA