USA Today Crossword Answers – Nov 29 2022

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'A' in Portuguese UMA
'Hi! I'm a sheep!' BAA
'I'm down!' YEAH
'Let me think . . .' HMM
'The cat's out of the ___!' BAG
'Wait a minute . . .' HOLDUP
'___ on Titan' ATTACK
A single time ONCE
Allow LET
Anger IRE
Animal on the Australian coat of arms KANGAROO
Ants on a ___ LOG
Bit of body art, for short TAT
Cafeteria plate holder TRAY
Celebratory shreds CONFETTI
Cheese-smothered chip NACHO
Close pals, for short BFFS
Dance taught by Keali'i Reichel HULA
Daredevil aka ___ Murdock MATT
Didn't give up KEPTATIT
Didn't succeed FAILED
Dong, in baseball HOMERUN
Drink whose 'I' stands for 'India' IPA
Fly high SOAR
Former lovers EXES
Get bigger GROW
Get snug NESTLE
Got down to propose KNELT
Grain storage tower SILO
Grand ___ National Park TETON
Had a potty mouth SWORE
Henley or button-down SHIRT
Inherited DNA sequence GENE
Is a smug winner GLOATS
Knee ligament ACL
Legendary ghost ship from the Netherlands FLYINGDUTCHMAN
Like most NBA players TALL
Machu Picchu builder INCA
Mammal like a human or ape PRIMATE
Medication amount DOSE
Midwestern city where some people call paper grocery bags 'Hamady sacks' FLINTMICHIGAN
Mike and ___ candies IKE
Neither/___ NOR
Nickname for Alejandra ALE
Not a full-on haircut TRIM
Occasional meat-eater FLEXITARIAN
Passover meal SEDER
People prone to the munchies STONERS
Performance with arias OPERA
Radiates EMITS
Retina's place EYE
Rhyming rum cocktail MAITAI
Series with hobbits, for short LOTR
Sheet of glass PANE
Shoe that adds height HEEL
Show ruiners SPOILERS
Spherical veggies PEAS
Spice Girl B or C MEL
Stock market debut IPO
Subject of conversation TOPIC
Succulent used in cosmetics ALOE
Texas city with a Jalapeno Festival LAREDO
The epidermis is its outermost layer SKIN
The Three B's of classical music: Brahms, Beethoven, ___ BACH
They're said after vows IDOS
Things ITEMS
Torah holder ARK
Trees with helicopter seeds ELMS
Up in the ___ AIR
Uramaki seaweed NORI
Wednesday, aka ___ day HUMP
Winter Games gear SKIS
Word after 'rocket' or 'computer' SCIENCE
Word hidden backward in 'portrait' ART
Word in a read receipt SEEN
___ ants FIRE
___-back (easygoing) LAID