USA Today Crossword Answers – Nov 30 2022

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'90s TV show about a garbage collector ROC
'Be quiet!' ZIPIT
'Double Trouble' blues guitarist Rush OTIS
'Further details to come . . .' MORELATER
'He's lying through ___ teeth!' HIS
'Skip me' IPASS
'That's so true!' AMEN
'The way things are going . . . ' ATTHISRATE
'There, I did it!' TADA
'___ think . . .' LEMME
A little off AMISS
At an end OVER
Awards hype for 'Everything Everywhere All at Once' OSCARBUZZ
Bad deeds SINS
BofA competitor CITI
Bull, in Spanish TORO
Campaign-funding group PAC
Capitol Hill group SENATE
Carbonated drink SODA
Cell or landline PHONE
Ceramics and embroidery, for example ARTS
Colossal HUGE
Curly-tailed Japanese dogs AKITAS
Developer of the arcade game Breakout ATARI
Do ___ (work out in a pool) LAPS
Every ___ and cranny NOOK
Eyelid hair LASH
Fantasy race OGRES
Game with Reverse cards UNO
Good buddy PAL
Grabs a chair SITS
Hua ___, Chinese folk hero MULAN
Impulsive RASH
In ___ land LALA
Introvert's need ALONETIME
Item in the plus column ASSET
January, in Spanish ENERO
Jedi swords SABERS
Knight's suit ARMOR
Light touches PATS
Lock of hair TRESS
Make a mistake ERR
Malevolent spirit DEMON
Midday NOON
Nasdaq debut IPO
Not include OMIT
October birthstone OPAL
Org. that grades meats USDA
Palace built in the winter ICECASTLE
Pale purple shrub LILAC
Parish priest VICAR
Person to share an apartment with, informally ROOMIE
Place to get potato salad DELI
Poplar or pine TREE
Popular destinations MECCAS
Possible UFO passengers (Abbr.) ETS
Prof's helpers TAS
Public ___ (part of the economy) SECTOR
Puts up with TOLERATES
Square dancers' neckties BOLOS
Stitched lines SEAMS
Surprised greeting OHHI
Syria's official language ARABIC
Taste found in seaweed UMAMI
Tenant's payment RENT
Tip of a boot TOE
Translucent wrapping for summer rolls RICEPAPER
Type of beer ALE
Union for schoolteachers NEA
Upstairs storage area ATTIC
War god killed by Kratos ARES
Winter ailment COMMONCOLD
Wok, for example PAN
Yuzu scrapings ZESTS
___ bear plunge (winter event) POLAR
___ tikki (potato snack) ALOO