USA Today Crossword Answers – Oct 3 2022

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'Chicago' actress Lucy LIU
'Hold it right there!' OHNOYOUDONT
'That's awful!' UGH
'There's no way I would ever!' OFCOURSENOT
'Wait, I've reconsidered . . .' ONSECONDTHOUGHT
'Way over the line, bud' NOTCOOL
'Who ___?' ('Everyone's done it') HASNT
'___ a miracle!' ITS
100-yard dash, for one RACE
Abolitionist Sojourner TRUTH
Bills with an orange/yellow hue TENS
Blue-green TEAL
Boot out OUST
Breakfast treats that may have sprinkles DONUTS
Burden ONUS
Capital with a Viking Ship Museum OSLO
City near Venice PADUA
Column with a point of view OPED
Company with a spokesduck AFLAC
Computer port letters USB
Conjunction with a slash ANDOR
Copy someone else's paper CHEAT
Distance ratio in the corner of a map SCALE
Do a voice-over DUB
Drinks from a water bowl LAPS
Express the same sentiment as ECHO
Factory store OUTLET
Family groups CLANS
Finish doing STOP
Forcefully flings HURLS
Genetic messenger RNA
Gets rid of SHEDS
Go for a jog RUN
Got the newest version of UPDATED
Hades' river STYX
Hits the gas STEPSONIT
Immense VAST
In ___ need (desperate) DIRE
Japanese dessert MOCHI
Librarian's request SILENCE
List at the back of a book INDEX
Low soccer tie ONEALL
Name found in 'A lot to love' OTTO
Not suitable UNFIT
Oil cartel (Abbr.) OPEC
One-person performance SOLO
Part of a play SCENE
Phone communication system for deaf and hard of hearing people TTY
Piglet's pal POOH
Pirate's chant YOHOHO
Pompous jerk ASS
Put back in oil, like Korean chicken REFRY
Quests for revenge VENDETTAS
Rainbow maker PRISM
Rapper starring in 'SVU' ICET
Samantha Irby piece ESSAY
Shiny mineral MICA
Skunk's aroma ODOR
Space opera starring Zendaya DUNE
Sticky stuff GOO
Stoves' exhaust covers HOODS
Strong out of the gate OFFTOAGOODSTART
Surgical glove material LATEX
Tennis Hall of Famer Arthur ASHE
The 'm' in E=mc^2 MASS
Tony-winning playwright Tracy LETTS
Trawler's tool NET
Two under par EAGLE
Type of flounder found in northern seas HALIBUT
Vacation and sick leave policy, for short PTO
Was sore ACHED
Writes in the group chat TEXTS
You are, in Spanish ERES
___ Z (demo after millennials) GEN
___-frutti TUTTI
___-Wan Kenobi OBI