USA Today Crossword Answers – Sep 11 2019

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Clues Answers
‘All done!’ THERE
‘Beauty and the Beast’ narcissist in a merry mood? LAUGHINGGASTON
‘Delta of Venus’ author Anais NIN
‘Fat chance!’ NOT
‘Game of Thrones’, e.g SAGA
‘I ___ you one!’ OWE
‘___ No. 1!’ WERE
‘___, I’m Adam’ MADAM
2012 movie about a fake movie ARGO
3-Down, notably HUN
33-Down transport TRAM
A bit off AMISS
Alan of ‘Bridge of Spies’ ALDA
Assayer’s sample ORE
Beat by a whisker NIP
Big galoots APES
Brooks of ‘High Anxiety’ MEL
Business card no TEL
Causing the willies EERIE
Chem class site LAB
Cobb salad ingredient EGG
College’s website suffix EDU
Confronted each other FACEDOFF
Crowd-sourced review site YELP
Cuspid covering ENAMEL
Dolly whose disposition never changes? EVENPARTON
Don’t just sit ACT
Easily duped NAIVE
Fireplace receptacle ASHPIT
Fraternity X’s CHIS
Garlic-crushing utensil PRESS
Go with DATE
Help desk offering, briefly INFO
Homer’s neighbor NED
Iditarod or Ironman RACE
Increased, with ‘up’ STEPPED
Islands keepsakes LEIS
Job for a cleanup crew MESS
Laborers on manors SERFS
Like early audiobooks ONTAPE
Like the smallest of the litter RUNTY
Market analyst’s find TREND
Moving company freebie? COURTESYCARTON
Musical outros CODAS
Mutton or venison MEAT
Newcastle’s river TYNE
Non-required course ELECTIVE
Not conned by ONTO
Not in support of ANTI
Not very many AFEW
Off one’s guard UNWARY
Pacific islands wrap SARONG
Package adornment BOW
Practiced, as a trade PLIED
Prefix with gram or logical IDEO
President before Wilson TAFT
Rah-rah attitude SPIRIT
Rare Scrabble outcomes TIES
Refinery waste SLAG
Rock music’s ___ Fighters FOO
Root source of sugar BEET
Rugged cliff CRAG
Said ‘no contest,’ e.g PLED
Sicilian erupter ETNA
Socially inept NERDY
Some flower girls NIECES
Store belowdecks STOW
Swiss district known for its brews? BEERCANTON
Syracuse and Duke’s sports org ACC
Tail-chasing aquatic mammal OTTER
The Scourge of God ATTILA
The ___ Lama DALAI
Try to grab GRASPAT
Vintners’ valley NAPA
Write for another GHOST
___ Field (Rockies’ home) COORS
___ Moss (fashion label) ELLA