USA Today Crossword Answers – Sep 27 2022

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'Bendito ___ Dios' SEA
'Golden goal' periods, for short OTS
'I'll have what ___ having' SHES
'Sounds good!' YES
'Such a pity . . .' ALAS
'That's gotta hurt' OOF
'That's gotta hurt' OUCH
'What ___ is new?' ELSE
'Yet to Come' K-pop band BTS
2016 Rihanna album ANTI
Actor ___ Abdul-Mateen II YAHYA
Agency that regulates medicines FDA
Alternative to a trackpad MOUSE
And so on (Abbr.) ETC
As well ALSO
Baton ___, Louisiana ROUGE
Bird associated with wisdom OWL
Blu-ray shape DISC
C-suite head CEO
Campfire treats SMORES
Careful with money FRUGAL
Coffee'd up WIRED
Commences STARTS
Continues onto a new path BRANCHESOFF
DH's stats RBIS
Doodling during a lecture, for example BOREDSTIFF
Double-reed instrument OBOE
Dress shirt part with wrist buttons BARRELCUFF
Dryer debris LINT
Fashionable CHIC
Figure skater Rippon with a namesake lutz ADAM
Fish in unagi no kabayaki EEL
Fix illegally RIG
Free of danger SAFE
Goes off-script ADLIBS
Grain used in onigiri RICE
Help with a crime ABET
Hiddleston or Holland TOM
Icy space ball with a tail COMET
Japanese bowl that might have eel over rice DONBURI
Konbini currency YEN
Mega Millions is one LOTTO
Nasal rinse target SINUS
Nerf darts, for example AMMO
New ___ (user of healing crystals) AGER
Nickname for Ariana Grande ARI
Not al fresco INDOOR
Not often seen RARE
Part of a question mark DOT
Place to get local crowd support HOMETURF
Place to rest in an RPG INN
Postpones DEFERS
Prefix for 'mural' INTRA
Publicly support ENDORSE
Really liking INTO
Rides the waves SURFS
Rideshare app stat ETA
Royal decree EDICT
Rugby scoring attempt TRY
Sans commercial interruptions ADFREE
Satellite's trajectory ORBIT
Sharpen HONE
Site with info on 'B*A*P*S' and 'D.E.B.S.' IMDB
Some egg layers HENS
Spider's trap WEB
Suffix for 'major' ETTE
Surgical areas, for short ORS
Takes a load off SITS
Tax form IDs, for short SSNS
Unlayered hairstyle BLUNTCUT
Unquestionable TRUE
Video game with a devilish final boss DIABLO
What dogs do with rope toys CHEW
With no changes ASIS
Words of emotional support ICARE
___ Gras MARDI
___/them pronouns THEY