Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – Aug 25 2018 – Topic Secret

Daily solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – Aug 25 2018 – Topic Secret. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – Aug 25 2018 – Topic Secret divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
‘Don’t give ___ thought’ ITA
‘Get lost!’ SCAT
‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ band BONJOVI
‘Rose ___ rose…’ ISA
‘The Second Mrs. Tanqueray’ playwright PINERO
‘Your point being?’ AND
‘___ donna a quindici anni’ (Mozart aria) UNA
‘___ Miller’ (Verdi opera) LUISA
82-Across’s state: Abbr ALA
Acct. addition INT
Acquire heaps of RAKEIN
Adar festival PURIM
American assignment SEAT
Armed org NRA
Astronomer Horace for whom several comets are named TUTTLE
Auspicious tarot card THESUN
Baby food serving JAR
Barista’s creations MOCHAS
Beats decisively CREAMS
Betray fear COWER
Big name in trading cards TOPPS
Bit of baling twine used to hold up one’s britches? RUSTICBELT
Bluish-gray SLATY
Box for a show LOGE
Box office sales, in showbiz slang TIX
Boxy reconnoitering drone? CUBICSCOUT
Broadsided TBONED
Bygone emperors TSARS
Camouflage HIDE
Casals with a cello PABLO
Catch up ENMESH
Causes to explode ENRAGES
Chamois she DOE
Chancel sight ALTAR
Checkers for chargers REINS
Citi Field forerunner SHEA
Cloth screen that comes down when the play starts? IRONICCURTAIN
College-level H.S. courses APS
Colonel Sanders feature GOATEE
Curved arch shape OGEE
Dashboard feature GAUGE
Departed in haste LITOUT
Departures, of sorts ANOMALIES
Designer of megaphones and dunce caps? CONICARTIST
Development site WOMB
Doomed from the start NOTTOBE
Eucharist need CHALICE
Existent INESSE
Fastener that resists loosening LOCKNUT
Fell away EBBED
Floppy top BERET
Flu symptom CHILLS
For the calorie-conscious LITE
Gardner and DuVernay AVAS
Gives up WAIVES
Gloria Bunker’s married name STIVIC
Go ___ for (defend) TOBAT
Head for the gate TAXI
It may be brought to order MENU
Japan’s prime minister ABE
Japanese honorific SAN
Jeffersonian belief DEISM
Lakefront dwelling inhabited by Vulcans? LOGICCABIN
Learning method ROTE
Licenses ALLOWS
Like ‘lackaday’ and ‘prithee’ ARCHAIC
Like kimchi and tae kwon do KOREAN


Clues Answers
Make a touchdown LAND
Many a Middle Easterner ARAB
Marseille monarch ROI
Meir’s minister of defense DAYAN
Minimal amount MITE
National Voting Rights Museum site SELMA
Neatnik’s banes MESSES
New teammate of Kentavious and Lonzo LEBRON
North Carolinian TARHEEL
Oddly funny group of settlers? ANTICCOLONY
Old man POPPA
One can hold your arms GUNRACK
Opulent POSH
Order with capital scrolls IONIC
Pork portion LOIN
Pricing preposition PER
Pronto, in the operating room STAT
Pulitzer-winning play set in Grover’s Corners OURTOWN
Put chips on red, say PLACEABET
Quick swim DIP
Reaction to the revolting UGH
Reflect MUSE
Reply to a playground challenge CANSO
Reunion crowd ALUMS
Right-hand pages RECTOS
Rocky road ingredient? ASPHALT
Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon site RIO
Room, in Rouen SALLE
Rotating neutron star PULSAR
Rouen rubies and Dijon diamonds? GALLICSTONES
Rudiments ABCS
Sake source RICE
Samothrace setting GREECE
Saved for the future LAIDIN
Scaly pet IGUANA
Sculptor Giovanni PISANO
Second person YOU
Security needs IDTAGS
Sensible WISE
Sgt., e.g NCO
Short-tailed weasel STOAT
Sinuous shape ESS
Slow movement ADAGIO
Snacks designed to alleviate attacks of anxiety? PANICCAKES
Snaps PICS
Some sculptures TORSI
Soprano note HIGHC
Source of change MINT
South African villages KRAALS
Start of le monologue d’Hamlet ETRE
Stocking merchandise TOYS
Strident HARSH
Subject of a statue near Boston’s TD Garden ORR
Tailor’s measurement WAIST
Taste-based GUSTATIVE
Tilde’s neighbor ONE
Track connector CROSSTIE
TV co-star of Betty, Rue and Estelle BEA
Underlying motives AGENDAS
Unseasonably warm MILD
Utmost NTH
Vacuous INANE
Volt/ampere OHM
Weapon for a charging horseman LANCE
With malice EVILLY
Woody’s singing son ARLO
Words before pickle or stew INA
___ ease ILLAT