Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – August 02 2020 – Slurred Speech

Daily solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – August 02 2020 – Slurred Speech. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Number Clues Answers
1 Eye uncomfortably OGLE
5 Tubular food SALAMI
11 Chop HEW
14 “Coronation Ode” composer ELGAR
19 Shortage NEED
20 Political columnist Peggy NOONAN
21 Choleric state IRE
22 Org. that presents yearly Image Awards NAACP
23 Insult from a train conductor? ENGINEKNOCK
25 Insult from a concert pianist? GRANDSLAM
27 Old gold coins of Britain GUINEAS
28 Profundity DEPTH
30 He succeeded Jimmy RONALD
31 Utter STARK
32 Fragrant lumber CEDAR
33 Sleep aid brand NYTOL
34 Wiener schnitzel base VEAL
36 Capital of East Timor DILI
38 None too soon ATLAST
42 Insult from a print journalist? PAPERCUT
46 Insult from an interior decorator? SPACENEEDLE
48 City founded by Pizarro LIMA
49 Throw off EMIT
51 Strong adhesive EPOXY
52 Stubborn Dr. Seuss character ZAX
53 Suffered a humiliating defeat ATEIT
55 Left SPLIT
57 Film, informally PIC
58 Deal negotiator AGENT
60 User’s reading MANUAL
62 Indiana governor Holcomb ERIC
64 Implies SUGGESTS
66 Insult from a Ph.D.? THIRDDEGREEBURN
70 Dropped in CAMEOVER
73 Owner’s acquisition DEED
74 Stinging plant NETTLE
78 Witherspoon of “Big Little Lies” REESE
79 Quarterback Roethlisberger BEN
81 Palatial, say REGAL
84 “The Waste Land” poet ELIOT
85 Afflict AIL
86 Does some eye surgery LASES
88 Showroom model DEMO
89 Squeezes (out) EKES
90 Insult from a team supporter? BOOSTERSHOT
94 Insult from a bowler? SPARERIB
97 Citrus drink brand SUNNYD
98 Cork’s country EIRE
99 Utopia EDEN
100 Name associated with a test for newborns APGAR
102 Did some sniggling EELED
105 Things STUFF
109 Spotted ESPIED
111 Per ___ (yearly) ANNUM
112 Hopi homes PUEBLOS
114 Insult from a political bigwig? WHIPCRACK
116 Insult from a spiritualist? MEDIUMROAST
118 Where to find your Seoul mates KOREA
119 Islands dish POI
120 Milestone birthday AGEONE
121 Smart Simpson LISA
122 Feature of some ice creams SWIRL
123 Whole lot TON
124 Lose it GONUTS
125 Deuce topper TREY


Number Clues Answers
1 Universal donor’s blood designation, for short ONEG
2 Homo, for humans GENUS
3 On the up and up LEGIT
4 Minneapolis suburb EDINA
5 Court wear SNEAKER
6 Informal approvals AOKS
7 First name in early horror films LON
8 Battery part ANODE
9 Sprayed in self-defense MACED
10 Stampers use them INKPADS
11 Trading day peak HIGH
12 Drop a liner ERR
13 Ready to drop WEARY
14 Info after an article ENDNOTE
15 Explorer who gave Louisiana its name LASALLE
16 Effrontery GALL
17 Mil. sch. ACAD
18 Spinning meas. RPM
24 Effrontery NERVE
26 Zero NOTANY
29 Rubbish TRIPE
32 Stick together CLUMP
33 Salad variety with olives and anchovies NICOISE
35 Quick court points ACES
37 Reindeer herder LAPP
39 Wood-shaping tools ADZES
40 Viewpoint SLANT
41 Phone reading TEXTS
42 Sandwich container PITA
43 “That is so right!” AMEN
44 Chief Winnemucca’s people PAIUTES
45 Like some floors TILED
47 Starlin Castro after the 2015 season, e.g. EXCUB
48 Escape LAM
50 Ready to drop TIRED
54 Western resort lake TAHOE
56 Kipling’s Shere Khan, for one TIGER
58 Are of the same mind AGREE
59 Kinder partner GENTLER
61 Tyler of “Ad Astra” LIV
63 Words to live by CREED
65 Colt creation GUN
67 Concrete strengthener REBAR
68 Bedroom furniture DRESSER
69 Peripheral parts EDGES
70 Shore dinner entree CRABS
71 Sometime colleagues of Y AEIOU
72 Pinkish Crayola color MELON
75 Polynesian figure TIKI
76 Leopold’s co-defendant LOEB
77 UFO crew ETS
80 Soft drink brand introduced in 1924 NEHI
82 Full of adrenaline AMPED
83 Laundry day unit LOAD
86 Book that may be cooked LEDGER
87 Philosopher Kierkegaard SOREN
91 Marine fish SNAPPER
92 Common TYPICAL
93 Sassy, e.g. TEENMAG
95 Continues with RESUMES
96 PC key ENTER
101 Show flexibility ADAPT
103 “Hasta ___” LUEGO
104 Saxony seaport EMDEN
106 Letter-shaped fastener UBOLT
107 Pizzazz FLAIR
108 Tony-winning musical in 1999 FOSSE
109 Popular DIY website EHOW
110 iPhone assistant SIRI
111 Similar AKIN
112 It precedes a return PUNT
113 Postponement STAY
114 Cal. rows WKS
115 Whisper sweet nothings COO
117 Slip in a pot IOU