Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – Jun 23 2018 – You and I

Daily solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – Jun 23 2018 – You and I. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
‘Candide’ and ‘Catch-22’ SATIRES
‘Give it ___!’ AREST
‘I have sinned in that I have betrayed the innocent blood’ speaker JUDAS
‘I’ve had ___ to here with you!’ ITUP
‘Jurassic World’ science BIOTECH
‘La Vita Nuova’ author DANTE
‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’? JUNGLEJINGLE
‘The Shield of Achilles’ poet AUDEN
‘This is only ___…’ ATEST
‘You’ve got to be kidding’ reaction EYEROLL
1955 film that won the Best Picture Oscar MARTY
1968 folk album recorded in New York City ARLO
Aardvark’s diet ANTS
Acid also called aqua fortis NITRIC
Angler’s wear WADERS
Angry eruptions TIRADES
Any of Amsterdam’s many canals? DUTCHDITCH
Arcturus’s constellation BOOTES
Arriving, eventually ENDINGUP
Arrogance exhibited by moralistic folks? PRUDEPRIDE
As sick as ___ ADOG
Athletic elite ALLSTARS
Athletically lean WIRY
ATM user’s need ACCT
Attack en masse STORM
Bagel spreads SHMEARS
Basilica di San Pietro setting ROMA
Bedouin bearers CAMELS
Bookkeeper’s very first red-ink entry? DEBUTDEBIT
Boringly commonplace STODGY
Brewer’s ingredient MALT
Bring down SADDEN
Brunch cocktail MIMOSA
Burger topping ONIONS
Canton of central Switzerland URI
Case for Columbo HOMICIDE
Castor and Pollux sailed with him JASON
Cell feature BARS
Clandestine meetings TRYSTS
Cleaned out BROKE
Club spread MAYO
Cowboy’s charge DROVE
Cowboy’s rope RIATA
Cravings WANTS
Cropped up AROSE
Dahomey, since 1975 BENIN
Develop EDUCE
Diner offering EATS
Dior fragrance JADORE
Dreamliners, e.g BOEINGS
Dubai dignitary EMIR
Duchamp specialty NONART
Elm Street terrorizer FREDDY
Far from original TRITE
Flight makeup STAIRS
Fountain in New Orleans PETE
Fun time HOOT
Hall & Oates’s ‘___ Gone’ SHES
Hardly worldly NAIVE
Holds a grudge STAYSMAD
Hot July temperature? SUMMERSIMMER
Identified NAMED
Immunity bestower on ‘Survivor’ IDOL
Impressive way to graduate CUMLAUDE
Inquisitive sort ASKER
Is for more than one ARE
Japanese buckwheat noodles SOBA
Lairs for bears DENS


Clues Answers
Leb. neighbor ISR
Libertine’s look LEER
Lieutenant at the communications station UHURA
Like much of Iowa RURAL
Like the Constitution, 27 times AMENDED
Liverpudlian louts? BRUTISHBRITISH
Loose-fitting blouse in need of laundering? MUDDYMIDDY
Lusty revelers SATYRS
Made a real effort STROVE
Maker of Total Effects moisturizers OLAY
Mexican mister SENOR
Monopoly buys HOUSES
More than gratifies SATES
Mountain lion PUMA
Moving option UHAUL
New Mexico senator Tom UDALL
Newscast segment STORY
No foe BOND
Not taken FREE
Out, in a way DATED
Ovation and Bravo, for two NETWORKS
Patrick of ‘Barry Lyndon’ MAGEE
Penn of ‘Designated Survivor’ KAL
Pewter component TIN
Pioneering Pittsburgh radio station KDKA
Pitt of ‘World War Z’ BRAD
Places of worship, in Westeros SEPTS
Podiatric case GOUT
Police force hopeful CADET
Polish text EDIT
Prefix between bi- and quadri- TRI
Put away JAIL
Randy with five CMAs TRAVIS
Resort island east of Java BALI
Rhino feature HORN
Rodin’s ‘The Thinker,’ e.g NUDE
Rush hour cacophony TOOTS
Savanna trees ACACIAS
Sch. of six Heisman winners OSU
Scoundrel, Cagney-style DIRTYRAT
Sell off quickly DUMP
Sharif of ‘Funny Girl’ OMAR
Significant suffering AGONY
So great SUCH
Sorta, in suffix ISH
Souvenir shop buy TEE
Spa cover ROBE
Specks IOTAS
Sticks in halls CUES
Still green, perhaps UNRIPE
Stocking merchandise TOYS
Succinct TERSE
Taj Mahal site AGRA
Take a beat PAUSE
Takes steps ACTS
Tame oaths DRATS
Thus far ASYET
Transactions between companies, for short BTOB
Transvaal settlers BOERS
Unfeeling STONY
Unintended printing patterns MOIRES
Upper-class wealth OLDMONEY
Vacant appearance STARE
War room displays MAPS
Weapon for Michonne on ‘The Walking Dead’ KATANA
Word in most of the commandments NOT
Yeasty cake BABKA
Yonder things THOSE