Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – October 19 2019 – Date Night

Daily solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – October 19 2019 – Date Night. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – October 19 2019 – Date Night divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Sweeping VAST
5 Tablet with a mini option IPAD
9 Flies, e.g. BAIT
13 Merchants’ association GUILD
18 Speaker that answers to “Alexa” ECHO
19 Fashion MODE
20 Player at Minute Maid Park ASTRO
22 Excessive UNDUE
23 “You feel like Creole fare with some Patricia Arquette?” SHRIMPPOBOYHOOD
26 Pictures on the small screen? ICONS
27 Figure skating jump TOELOOP
28 Rock’s Jethro ___ TULL
29 Downloadable think piece TEDTALK
31 Playing field makeup SOD
32 Number before quattro TRE
33 Needs for long drives? TEES
35 McShane of “American Gods” IAN
36 “Well, then maybe a frank with Al Pacino?” HOTDOGDAYAFTERNOON
44 Gender-specific possessive HERS
45 Vanishing sound POOF
46 401(k) cousins IRAS
47 Times long past YORE
48 Fishing locale PIER
50 Provide with English dialogue, say DUB
51 Cupboard stack PLATES
53 Sightseeing aid MAP
54 “Or seafood with some Daniel Craig?” CLAMSCASINOROYALE
59 Mom-and-pop org. PTA
60 Symbol of Louisiana PELICAN
61 In multitudes GALORE
62 Lucy’s landlady ETHEL
64 Country of more than 170 islands TONGA
66 Leave a little extra TIP
67 Capital of Bangladesh DHAKA
70 Chip, in Chelsea CRISP
73 Whine like a baby SNIVEL
76 Rough INEXACT
80 ___ Kippur YOM
81 “Some runny yolks with a side of Peter Fonda then?” EGGSOVEREASYRIDER
85 Fleece feature NAP
86 Calm SOOTHE
87 Classic British sports cars MGS
88 Without purpose IDLY
89 Clinches, as a win ICES
91 Intersection NODE
92 “Git!” SHOO
94 Perch parts FINS
96 “All right, how about poultry with a huge hairy ape?” CHICKENALAKINGKONG
100 Boat propeller OAR
101 Nursery school, for short PREK
102 Agcy. imitated in many phone scams IRS
103 Beast that bugles ELK
106 Many an Etsy seller ARTISAN
110 Their milk is used for pecorino EWES
112 It’s free of charge NEUTRON
114 Deck quartet SUITS
115 Common pairing for an evening out, and a hint to this puzzle’s theme DINNERANDAMOVIE
118 Golf’s Els ERNIE
119 Pickle, maybe SPEAR
120 Skeevy look LEER
121 Flag TIRE
122 Get into the pool WAGER
123 Lip SASS
124 Glossary unit TERM
125 Teller’s stack ONES


Number Clues Answers
1 Some police protection VESTS
2 Sound before a blessing ACHOO
3 Rip to pieces SHRED
4 Plug away TOIL
5 Subjects of tariffs IMPORTS
6 Burst POPPED
7 Stir ADO
8 It’s sought by a collector DEBT
9 Soup flavorer from a tree BAYLEAF
10 Country singer McBryde ASHLEY
11 Olympian Midori ITO
12 Run TROT
13 Handful for Hendrix GUITAR
14 Otherworldly UNCANNY
15 Heartthrob, maybe IDOL
16 Slow-witted sort LUNK
17 ___ Moines DES
21 Poem of praise ODE
24 Driving force MOTOR
25 Best OUTDO
30 Option at the pump DIESEL
36 Solitary sorts HERMITS
37 Work on a grand scale OPUS
38 Really pull out all the stops GOBIG
39 Like cutoffs, often FRAYED
40 “Bye now!” TATA
41 Extra zip OOMPH
42 Offer an address ORATE
43 Its border runs across the summit of Everest NEPAL
44 Recover HEAL
48 Angel dust, briefly PCP
49 ___ de la Cité ILE
50 “Rats!” DANG
51 Quite respectable PROPER
52 Harry Potter’s Quidditch position SEEKER
55 Defendant in a 1925 case SCOPES
56 Axe CAN
57 Good guide, maybe NATIVE
58 Martini garnish OLIVE
63 Getting to the gate TAXIING
65 Second-tier govt. lawyer ASSTDA
68 Sound of disapproval HISS
69 Vague quantity ANY
70 Distrustful sort CYNIC
71 Scurrier in the dark ROACH
72 Designer of a famous pyramid IMPEI
74 Worthless NOHELP
75 Martini garnish LEMON
77 Throws in ADDS
78 Toon collectible CEL
79 Take a stab at TRY
82 Hopeless cases GONERS
83 Muscle man? GOON
84 On the edge of one’s seat AGOG
90 Monopoly token choice SCOTTIE
92 Mocks without mercy SKEWERS
93 Person hitting the trail HIKER
94 Radius setting FOREARM
95 “So, to conclude…” INSUM
97 Sandwich roll option KAISER
98 Playoff sites ARENAS
99 With more care KINDER
103 Senator Sam of the Watergate hearings ERVIN
104 River through Orléans LOIRE
105 Strike zone boundary KNEES
106 Distinctive vibe AURA
107 Band at a wedding RING
108 Billboards, essentially ADS
109 Playful bites NIPS
111 Tar SALT
113 “Rosanna” band TOTO
114 Follow a pattern, perhaps SEW
116 Teachers’ org. NEA
117 Once called NEE