Canadiana – Oct 31 2022 Crossword Answer List

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Clues Answers
A Territories flag colour BLUE
Abnormal breathing RALE
Algonquian CREE
An electrically charged atom ION
Animal fat LARD
Before (poetic) ERE
Boost the RPM’s REV
Born of NEE
Catch sight of ESPY
Copyread EDITED
Critical ACUTE
Current units AMPS
Denotes three TRI
Eagle’s roost AERY
Ervin, for short ERV
Excessively TOO
He is, condensed HES
Husband, in Hauterive MARI
Improve the family car TRADEUP
Incite URGE
Inf. to come TBA
Inuit knife ULU
Isogram ISOBAR
Jai __ ALAI
Large Aussie bird EMU
Light beams RAYS
Margarine OLEO
Marijuana SESS
Mattress FUTON
Meas. of profitability ROR
Napkin ring NEF
Narrowly defeat EDGE
Nathan, for short NAT
New Brunswick Univ UNB
Newest Territory NUNAVUT
Note in Guido’s scale ELA
Observed SEEN
Ogled EYED
Partner of Tic and Toe TAC
Pate de fois ____ GRAS
Ready-mix tea NESTEA
Review critically PAN
Sakatchewan village RAMA
Smallest prov PEI
Spirit ELAN
Station BASE
Territories World Heritage Site NAHANNI
Territories aboriginals INUIT
Territories Coat of Arms colour RED
Territories official flower AVENS
Theatre box LOGE
Town in Quebec or partner of Andy AMOS
Trotsky or Spinks, e.g LEON
Unfolded OPENED
Valley DALE
Wager BET
Whalebone BALEEN
Wood sorrel OCA
Worships ADORES
__ de plume NOM
__ fi (slang) SCI
____ fox, Territories critter ARCTIC