Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 2/26/20 Wayback Wednesday

Daily solution for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 2/26/20 Wayback Wednesday. The Daily Celebrity Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 2/26/20 Wayback Wednesday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Handles brutally Mauls
6 Assuming that’s the case …: 2 wds. If So
10 FBI: Most Wanted network CBS
13 Nickname of actor Schwarzenegger Arnie
14 Stick in your ___ (be annoying) Craw
15 Tree used for many hardwood floors Oak
16 Portrayer of Archie Leach in the 1988 heist comedy A Fish Called Wanda: 2 wds. John Cleese
18 Gangnam Style performer Psy
19 Exclude Omit
20 Sources of sheep’s milk Ewes
21 ___ card (chip in a smartphone) Sim
22 Kendrick Lamar’s genre Rap
23 Tour group for Adam Scott and Dustin Johnson: Abbr. PGA
24 Spread out as legs Splay
26 Butcher’s offerings Meats
28 Excerpt from a speech Quote
29 Portrayer of Wanda Gershwitz in A Fish Called Wanda: 3 wds. Jamie Lee Curtis
33 The same mathematically speaking Equal
34 Showed again as an old TV episode Reran
35 Montana mining city Butte
36 On the ___ (exactly) Dot
37 Sandwich with pork and vegetables for short BLT
40 Organization that offers roadside assistance: Abbr. AAA
41 Chocolate-and-caramel candy Rolo
43 What a nervous person might mop sweat from Brow
44 Cable channel with the slogan The World’s News Leader CNN
45 Portrayer of Otto West in A Fish Called Wanda: 2 wds. Kevin Kline
47 Disappear past the horizon like the sun Set
48 Garden where the forbidden fruit grew Eden
49 Hot ___ (chocolate topping for sundaes) Fudge


Number Clues Answers
50 ___ not fair! Its
51 Loud round metallic instrument Gong
52 Colgate competitor Crest
1 Primary field of study in college Major
2 What a scented candle gives off Aroma
3 Not trendy Unhip
4 Accumulation in a dryer’s trap Lint
5 Triple ___ (orange liqueur) Sec
6 Cold beverage with no calories: 2 wds. Ice Water
7 Word in a bingo card’s center square Free
8 Smart-alecky response Sass
9 How much do I ___ you? (What’s my share of the cost?) Owe
10 Secondary figure in a plane’s cockpit Co Pilot
11 Rice variety grown in India Basmati
12 Blue expanse overhead Sky
17 Not prohibited by law Legal
21 Snootily reject Spurn
23 Jordan ___ (host of The Twilight Zone) Peele
24 Hunker down Squat
25 What a nod indicates Yes
26 Sporty Mazda roadster Miata
27 Very young plant Seedling
29 George W. Bush’s younger brother Jeb
30 Hairspray sold in big purple cans: 2 wds. Aquanet
31 The New ___ (upcoming film in the X-Men series) Mutants
32 Sing like Dean Martin or Perry Como Croon
37 Wearer of white at a wedding Bridge
38 Pines (for) Longs
39 Social-media post with a 280-character limit Tweet
41 Have a second try at Redo
42 Kitchen fixture with a door Oven
43 Everything’s a ___ (My memories are unclear) Blur
44 Former Marg Helgenberger procedural with three spin-offs CSI
45 Beer barrel that’s tapped Keg
46 Restaurant chain that offers Extra Crispy Tenders KFC