Crossword Answers – Jun 17 2018

Daily solution for the Crossword Answers – Jun 17 2018. The Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – Jun 17 2018 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"Beastly" feature of nine long answers 108 Across HOMOPHONES
"Green" course SALAD
"Honest" prez ABE
"Moonstruck" star CHER
"Semper __" FIDELIS
"Stop that!" DONT
"The Last Jedi" general LEIA
"Vamoose!" GIT
2011 hurricane IRENE
Actress Eva LONGORIA
Actress Hatcher TERI
Aesopian ending MORAL
Airer of 105 Down games ESPN
Ali __ BABA
Animal pouches SACS
Aristocratic group ELITE
Ashley Judd’s mom NAOMI
Back in the day ONCE
Back muscle, for short LAT
Be bold DARE
Be patient for AWAIT
Behaved oneself TOEDTHELINE
Blog entry POST
Blue hue COBALT
Boat’s back STERN
Bouquet tosser BRIDE
Buzzing bug GNAT
Byron works ODES
Cattle in quantity HERD
Chronicles ANNALS
Class clown CUTUP
Comic Rudner RITA
Container weight allowance TARE
Country singer McCoy NEAL
Country singer Tillis PAM
Crunchy part of some ice creams OREO
Deeply engrossed RAPT
Dionysus alias BACCHUS
Dislodge EVICT
Doctrinal suffix ISM
Doe’s mate STAG
Donut shapes, in math TORI
Easy strides LOPES
Elliptical path ORBIT
End of most musicals ACTTWO
Essence of some fences CHAINLINKS
Fabric flaw TEAR
Facilitates AIDS
Flow through cracks SEEP
Food Network figure CHEF
French flag descriptor TRICOLOR
French textiles city LILLE
Frequent filling for Italian heros VEAL
Geoffrey of fashion BEENE
Germ-free STERILE
Gets to volunteer ENLISTS
Gold, in Guatemala ORO
Green guarder TRAP
Grocery aisle with eggs DAIRY
Hallowed SACRED
Hard-to-please star DIVA
Hit the road LEAVE
Hits it off CLICKS
Hoops group NBA
Ill temper IRE
Important period AGE
Important periods ERAS
In this puzzle HERE
Insurance spokesperson FLO
Inventor Howe ELIAS
Iowa State’s city AMES
Irish spirit’s cry BANSHEEWAIL


Clues Answers
Irritant PEST
Japan’s third-largest city OSAKA
Jogging pace TROT
Just sits around IDLES
Justice Sotomayor SONIA
Leaves speechless AWES
Leftovers ENDS
Legendary cup GRAIL
Line of seats ROW
Long-legged bird STILT
Luau finger food TARO
Luau instrument UKE
Made sense, with "up" ADDED
Main point GIST
Mauna __ LOA
Mexican marinade ADOBO
Military installations FORTS
Millinery HATSHOP
Mine extraction ORE
Minor planet ASTEROID
Misdeeds SINS
Muscularity BRAWN
Napa Valley harvest GRAPES
Neighbor of Ky TENN
Northeastern region NEWENGLAND
Nose, so to speak SNOOT
Not very many AFEW
Novelist Walker ALICE
NRC forerunner AEC
Official order MANDATE
Official order EDICT
On vacation, say OFF
Packaging string TWINE
Paid errand runner OFFICEGOFER
Pantheon figures GODS
Pens with oinks STIES
Phone downloads APPS
Pigtails, for example BRAIDEDHAIR
Poets of yore BARDS
Poorly lit DIM
Potentially disastrous DIRE
Practical application USAGE
Preceding night EVE
Press agent FLACK
Prickly plant BRIAR
Pulled from behind TOWED
Quick bite NOSH
Result of too much yelling HOARSEVOICE
Rice of vampire fiction ANNE
River of Pisa ARNO
Running count TALLY
Scout motto BEPREPARED
Scrolls through READS
Senior member DEAN
Signals via pager BEEPS
Slide on ice SKID
Something staked CLAIM
Sore spot ACHE
Speaker’s intro, perhaps ANECDOTE
Strauss of denim LEVI
Super bargain STEAL
Swamp things CROCS
Symbol of Australia EMU
Taj Mahal topper DOME
Take the lid off UNCAP
The least you can do BAREMINIMUM
Truck’s capacity LOAD
Very devoted AVID
Warms up HEATS
Way out there AFAR
What "-phobe" means HATER
Wine specification SEC
Youngest Olympian EROS