NY Times Crossword 22 Jan 20, Wednesday

Daily solution for the NY Times Crossword 22 Jan 20, Wednesday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Kind of wine drinker who might remark “I’m getting hints of unripened banana” SNOB
Tears RIPS
Biblical shepherd ABEL
Lovefest, literally ORGY
Send to cloud nine ELATE
Like calypso music CARIBBEAN (SEA)
Atoll material CORAL (SEA)
It’s a gas NEON
Porcelain CHINA (SEA)
SS ___, onetime flagship of the White Star Line ADRIATIC (SEA)
Philly Ivy UPENN
Actress Meriwether LEE
Kind of salad with tomatoes, eggs, olives and anchovies NICOISE
It’s often left on the table TIP
Second Monopoly avenue BALTIC (SEA)
“Grody!” ICK!
Put on WEAR
Actress Graff of “Mr. Belvedere” ILENE
Bearded beast GNU
Having everything in its proper place NEAT
Language akin to Thai LAO
Spanish queens REINAS
Hosp. locales ORS
Prince of Narnia CASPIAN (SEA)
Art nouveau? ARE
Monsieur, across the Pyrenees SENOR
Criticizes pettily SNIPES AT
Part of a crystal radio kit DIODE
Give off EMIT
Hugo ___, longtime Supreme Court justice BLACK (SEA)
Result of connecting the circled letters in a certain way, in a punny manner of speaking SEVEN SEAS
Woodworker’s shaper LATHE
Halley’s comet, to William the Conqueror OMEN
Poet ___ St. Vincent Millay EDNA
Suit material for Mr. Toad TWEED
Class SORT
Berth place QUAY


Clues Answers
Egg pouch SAC
Hornets are in it, in brief NBA
Anthem contraction O’ER
Cousins of crepes BLINI
Stiff and mechanical ROBOTIC
Promoting peace IRENIC
___ Tour PGA
Adjust to match, informally SYNC
Contents of many an index card RECIPE
Like soliloquy deliverers, typically ALONE
Moving targets for waves CAR ANTENNAS
Third Greek vowel ETA
Dover’s home: Abbr. DEL
___ Babies (bygone fad) BEANIE
Ear covering HUSK
Moby Dick, for one ALBINO
Some casino personnel DEALERS
Launch time RELEASE DATE
Arcade fixtures COIN-OPS
Horseshoe Falls setting NIAGARA
Hosp. locale ICU
Radio shortcut PRESET
Gunpowder alternative, for short TNT
Super Mario Galaxy console WII
Terrific time, in slang GAS
Spare part, perhaps TEN-PIN
Rendered pork fat LARD
Clothing RAIMENT
Altered dishonestly COOKED
“The nerve!” I NEVER!
And the following: Abbr. ET SEQ
Those, in Segovia ESOS
Diner order that often comes with a toothpick BLT
Bar code? LAW
Pop subgenre EMO
Web address ender EDU
Santa ___ winds ANA
Perhaps SAY