NY Times Crossword 30 Dec 18, Sunday

Daily solution for the NY Times Crossword 30 Dec 18, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 30 Dec 18, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Fixture on a ski lodge deck HOT TUB
7 Sound quality TIMBRE
13 West African capital BISSAU
19 Like counting your chickens before they’ve hatched UNWISE
20 Going great guns, as business ROARING
22 Come to terms with ACCEPT
23 “Good golly!,” across the pond BLIMEY!
24 Close enough IN RANGE
25 Cloaklike garment SERAPE
26 Nosh BITE
27 Goes around ORBITS
29 Hardly a right-minded individual? LIBERAL
31 N.C.A.A. rival of Duke UNC
32 To which one might respond “Salud!” SNEEZE
33 Superlative suffix -IEST
34 Summer setting in Seattle: Abbr. PDT
36 Reason for an R rating? BEHIND SCENES (from “behind the scenes”)
39 McGregor who played Obi-Wan Kenobi EWAN
42 Gobble EAT
44 Quaint photos SEPIAS
45 Cuban or Zuckerberg? WELL-OFF MARK (from “well off the mark”)
48 Archie’s pal at Riverdale JUGHEAD
51 Dry as a bone SERE
52 Largest species of the genus Leopardus OCELOT
53 Fighting AT IT
54 Sprang LEAPT
57 More ready to go EAGERER
60 Show stopper? FINALE
62 Pure and simple MERE
64 Part of the eye where vision is sharpest FOVEA
65 Old hand VET
68 Maker of the MDX luxury S.U.V. ACURA
69 Needing certain ink for a color printer? OUT OF BLUE (from “out of the blue”)
71 Epitome of laziness SLOTH
73 Freestyle, e.g. RAP
74 Harbor city of NW France BREST
76 Went to court, say SUED
77 It may be right under your nose, informally STACHE
78 Fixture behind the bar BEER TAP
80 IHOP order STACK
82 Billy of infomercial fame MAYS
83 Only European capital on both a river and an ocean LISBON
86 Kind of vision X-RAY
88 Fit for the job HIRABLE
90 Impetus behind a paternity test? POP QUESTION (from “pop the question”)
93 Not so far NEARER
95 “Straight Outta Compton” group NWA
96 “The path to the dark side,” per Yoda FEAR
97 On a Paleo diet, say? AGAINST GRAIN (from “against the grain”)
102 Slow boat ARK
104 ___ Studies (college major) FILM
106 Big Starbucks orders VENTIS
107 Year the Office of Homeland Security was created MMI
108 Some paints ENAMELS
111 Rumbles MELEES
112 “The world’s greatest …,” e.g. HYPE
113 Opposite ACROSS
115 Capital of Thessaly LARISSA
117 Washington air hub SEA-TAC
119 Post-workout activity SHOWER
120 Unusually short STUNTED
121 Start to take off, in a way UNLACE
122 Shanghai KIDNAP
123 Accents and Sonatas SEDANS
124 100-meter and 200-meter EVENTS


Number Clues Answers
1 Commotion HUBBUB
2 Connected ONLINE
3 Reaction to a really bad pun TWITCH
4 Something you might need to kill TIME
5 Treat like an object USE
6 Really, really needing some sun? BEYOND PALE (from “beyond the pale”)
7 Neighborhood north of the World Trade Center TRIBECA
8 Charges IONIZES
9 Weasel’s relative MARTEN
10 Beach tops BRAS
11 ___ Tin Tin RIN
12 2003 Economics Nobelist Robert ENGLE
13 One’s most ardent supporters BASE
14 Finisher of cakes ICER
15 86 SCRAP
16 Buy one circus animal, get one circus animal free? SEAL DEAL (from “seal the deal”)
17 Most newspapers have one APP
18 Sport-___ UTE
21 Theodor ___ (Dr. Seuss’s real name) GEISEL
28 Live RESIDE
30 Stealth bomber, familiarly B-TWO
32 Partner of snick SNEE
33 French Alpine river ISERE
35 Root of Polynesia TARO
37 Mesopotamian mother goddess ISHTAR
38 Female in a pen EWE
40 In front of, old-style AFORE
41 Cowboys’ home, for short NFC EAST
43 It’s more than a warning: Abbr. TKT
46 Street handout, maybe LEAFLET
47 View from la plage MER
48 “Aladdin” villain JAFAR
49 City between Albany and Rochester UTICA
50 Stimulate GIN UP
51 2017 World Series winner, for short ‘STRO
55 Something required A MUST
56 Dog or cat transporter PET TAXI
58 Often-smoked cheese GOUDA
59 First lady EVE
61 Shia of “Transformers” LABEOUF
63 Beginnings of fame and fortune? EFS
65 Some SAT study VOCAB
66 Kind of alcohol ETHYL
67 “___ Days” (1990s platinum Bon Jovi album) THESE
69 Anthem contraction O’ER
70 On another call BUSY
72 Hedy ___, subject of the 2017 documentary “Bombshell” LAMARR
75 Woman’s name meaning “born again” RENEE
77 Installment of a women’s clothing catalog? SKIRT ISSUE (from “skirt the issue”)
78 Common potato chip flavor, in brief BBQ
79 Hybrid tourney style PRO-AM
81 Pure CHASTE
83 Worker at a hosp. LPN
84 Waterloo’s home IOWA
85 Something up for grabs on a fishing boat? SPARE ROD (from “spare the rod”)
87 Director Lee ANG
89 Rules, informally REGS
91 Untagged SAFE
92 Quavering sounds TRILLS
93 Rating somebody? NIELSEN
94 The Supreme Court and the Muses ENNEADS
98 Zoroastrianism’s sacred text AVESTA
99 Author of “The Joy Luck Club” AMY TAN
100 Collision IMPACT
101 Barbara and Jenna Bush, to Jeb NIECES
103 Famous KNOWN
105 Exams for future J.D.s LSATS
109 Traveling from coast to coast, maybe ASEA
110 Car sticker fig. MSRP
111 “Do you ___?” MIND
112 Robust HALE
113 Part of A.M.A. ASK
114 X CHI
116 Medicinal plant RUE
118 Part of S.A.S.E.: Abbr. ENV