Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers – Apr 17 2022s

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Clues Answers
"Hallelujah Chorus" composer HANDEL
"Sorry to intrude …" AHEM
"The Simpsons" shopkeeper APU
"Thumbs-up!" IAPPROVE
"Uh-huh" YEAH
"— in Manila" (Ali-Frazier fight) THRILLA
Abbr. on military mail APO
Actress Best EDNA
Advance inquiry into a crime, e.g PRELIINARYINVETIATION
All-Star pitcher Denny Neagle
Allies’ rival AXIS
Altitudes: Abbr HTS
Animal with a backbone CHORDATE
Arena level TIER
Attila follower HUN
Bargain DEAL
Before ERE
Big name in life insurance AETNA
Bit of news ITEM
Blood type, for short ONEG
Bob of play-by-play COSTAS
Born as NEE
Cabinet dept. since 1965 HUD
Capital of South Korea SEOUL
Capital of Vietnam HANOI
Capricious ideas WHIMS
Carrier based in New Delhi AIRINDIA
Cartoonist Addams, informally CHAS
Cattle farm RANCH
Celebrates with a tune SINGSOF
Certain South African BOER
Christie’s "A Pocket Full —" OFRYE
City vehicle BUS
Coach Parseghian ARA
Consecrating ANOINTING
Crate piece SLAT
Creates a lap SITS
D-H linkup EFG
Day divisions HOURS
Decrease LESSEN
Depots: Abbr STNS
Doc for the neck up ENT
Dollar bill ONE
Dual-focus course about bodily structures ANATOYANDPHYIOLOY
Fifth Avenue skyscraper EPIRETATEBUILDIN
First first lady of the U.S ARTHAWAHINTON
Former "Idol" judge JLO
From a northwest Italian port GENOVESE
From — Z ATO
Gas brand ESSO
Gas in signs NEON
Gasless car TESLA
Gets close to NEARS
Gordie of hockey HOWE
Hawke of film ETHAN
Hedy of "Ecstasy" LAMARR
Horror-struck AGHAST
HST follower DDE
Identity hider MASK
In a daze OUTOFIT
In view SEEN
Insurance payment PREMIUM
Israeli city close to Ben Gurion Airport LOD
It might have mascara on it EYELASH
Itched (for) YENNED
Jacuzzi, e.g WHIRLPOOL
Launching of people into orbit HUANPACEFLIHT
LG or RCA products TVS
Loud noise DIN
Mao — -tung TSE
Mimi’s "me" MOI
Mining finds ORES
More artful WILIER
Nevada airport RENOTAHOE
Newspaper think piece OPED
Not old-fashioned UPTODATE
Not Rep. or Dem IND
Not suitable INAPT
Object of hate ANATHEMA
Opal ending INE
Orthodox Jewish movement hasidism
Oscar winner Robert De — NIRO
Other, in Acapulco OTRO
Part of TTYL YOU
Pas’ mates MAS
Payments to the IRS TAXES
Petition PLEA
Phony SHAM
Pioneer Boone, informally DANL
Poker cost ANTE
Prefix with nourished MAL
Prefix with pagan NEO
Pucksters’ org. with the Calder Cup AHL
Rapper — Rida FLO
Really mad IRATE
Recital venue HALL
Refrigerate CHILL
Relative of a shout-out HATTIP
Restaurant notice that’s applicable to this puzzle’s seven longest answers? NOMSG
Rome’s — Fountain TREVI
Rough- — wood SAWN
Salvador of surreal art DALI
Sampras of the court PETE
Seine feeder OISE
Sesame seed paste TAHINI
Show plainly EVINCE
Sig Nu, e.g FRAT
Some kitchen appliances, for short GES
Spicy HOT
Spicy cuisine THAI
Sprightly PERKY
Stimulate SPUR
Supplies with personnel MANS
Sword handle HAFT
Technique for viewing a slow process quickly TIELAPEPHOTORAPHY
Tempestuous STORMY
The "T" of 66-Down TELE
Thwacks HITS
Tipoffs in hoops, e.g JUMPBALLS
Toon sheet CEL
Trendy again RETRO
Twosome PAIR
Video game tomb raider LARACROFT
Was overlong RANON
Water, in Acapulco AGUA
What a groom may toss GARTER
What love is, per a Four Aces #1 tune, with "a" ANYPLENDOREDTHIN
Wine valley NAPA
Wolfed down ATEUP
Woman’s quaint headpiece MOBCAP
— -C (PC copy command) CTRL
— -di-dah LAH
— a soul NARY
— fide BONA
— Reader (magazine) UTNE