Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – October 03 2022 – You Really Get Me

Daily solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – October 03 2022 – You Really Get Me. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – October 03 2022 – You Really Get Me divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Analyze for purity ASSAY
6 Pickup artist of old MASHER
12 Cabo location BAJA
16 Went unused SAT
19 Donnybrook SETTO
20 Minimally, in estimates ORMORE
21 Antioxidant fruit ACAI
22 Furious feeling IRE
23 Disreputable ragamuffins? SEAMYURCHINS
25 Salon tint with a minty scent? THYMYDYE
27 Scottish town on the Firth of Clyde AYR
28 “Listen, the Snow Is Falling” singer ONO
29 Afternoon breaks SIESTAS
31 “The History Boys” playwright Bennett ALAN
32 Bits of paint DABS
34 One of FDR’s most popular New Deal programs CCC
36 Connecting cord TETHER
37 Michael of “SNL” CHE
38 Case for an otologist EARACHE
41 Residence of a family known for their angry outbursts? STORMYHOUSE
45 Promontory marked by pleasant warm days? BALMYPOINT
48 Old platters LPS
49 Ready to drop POOPED
51 Is wild about LOVES
53 Winter sound BRR
54 Infuser fill TEA
55 Enjoy a run SKI
56 Like most bread knives SERRATED
59 NC State’s Lee Hall, as of 1970 COEDDORM
61 Article ITEM
63 Closer to one’s heart DEARER
64 Sculpting tool CHISEL
65 Fizzy quaffs SODAS
67 Really small detective, while shadowing a suspect? PIGMYTAIL
69 48-Across, e.g. DISCS
73 Tony winner for “Evita,” “Gypsy” and “Company” LUPONE
75 Travesties FARCES
77 Slanted type: Abbr. ITAL
78 Unhesitating turndown, informally FASTPASS
81 Alternatives to garages CARPORTS
83 Kimono closer OBI
84 Kitchen gadget brand OXO
85 Numbered rd. RTE
86 Mezzo Marilyn HORNE
87 Make a corny snack without using oil AIRPOP
89 Suede and gremlins shouldn’t do it GETWET
91 Japanese honorific SAN
92 Result of trudging through the mud? SLIMYBOOTS
95 Bit of wood from a dark, depressing forest? GLOOMYSTICK
98 Watches covertly SPIESON
99 Bartender who serves Barney and Homer MOE
100 Ones in a class of their own TUTEES
102 “What happened next?” AND
103 Pack down TAMP
106 Cook’s creation MEAL
108 Give off RADIATE
109 “Well, that’s obvious!” DUH
111 Maternal muntjac DOE
112 Single picture from a Poehler movie scene? AMYFRAME
114 Ghosts that rise from fertile soil? LOAMYSPIRITS
118 View from Sugarloaf Mountain RIO
119 Hansel’s heading OVEN
120 Menu choice ENTREE
121 Dancer’s teammate COMET
122 Misplay ERR
123 Can flaw DENT
124 Stand up to RESIST
125 Hull parts KEELS


Number Clues Answers
1 Leader sanctioned by the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act ASSAD
2 “Toodle-oo!” SEEYA
3 Like Seuss’s elitist sneetches STARBELLIED
4 Bread producer, of a sort ATM
5 Fluctuate YOYO
6 Nation south of the Strait of Gibraltar MOROCCO
7 Circumference segment ARC
8 “I can’t believe this,” in a text SMH
9 Raise up HOIST
10 Famed San Francisco restaurant featured in “Vertigo” ERNIES
11 New in the area, perhaps RESETTLED
12 People in a lineup BATTERS
13 What an effective thing works like ACHARM
14 Rogers Centre players, familiarly JAYS
15 Desired result AIM
16 Approach unobtrusively SIDLEUPTO
17 Sansa Stark’s sister ARYA
18 New driver, most likely TEEN
24 Like some internet data plans UNCAPPED
26 TechCrunch’s parent company YAHOO
30 Mall makeup SHOPS
33 Matching SAME
35 Antepenultimate letter CHI
37 Like guitar music CHORDED
39 Bar selections RYES
40 Blow up ENLARGE
42 World War I battle site of West Flanders YPRES
43 Prophet SEER
44 Wax-covered cheese EDAM
45 Footing BASIS
46 Request one’s presence at ASKTO
47 Tribal emblem TOTEM
52 How successful people and space probes go VERYFAR
53 Basement fixture BOILER
57 Restful state REPOSE
58 Monsoon season trademark RAINS
59 Oldest of the Marx Brothers CHICO
60 552, in old Rome DLII
62 Brewery supply MALT
64 Female parts of a flower CARPELS
66 Predominant SUPREME
68 Small mountain lakes TARNS
70 Be especially responsive, in a way STOPONADIME
71 Explorer of Canada’s coast CABOT
72 Marina spaces SLIPS
74 Whopper layer PATTY
76 Watched Seth Meyers, perhaps STAYEDUP
78 Verne’s world traveler FOGG
79 Leap for Lipinski AXEL
80 Justice from the Bronx SOTOMAYOR
81 Flesh-toned cosmetic CONCEALER
82 Bro and sis SIBS
86 Dominican Republic’s neighbor HAITI
88 Turnip or carrot, e.g. ROOT
90 “Mrs. Dalloway” author WOOLF
91 Test subject? STUDENT
93 Hoppy brew, for short IPA
94 Fixed attitude MINDSET
96 Male part of a flower STAMEN
97 Organic compound in solvents KETONE
101 Arena capacity SEATS
104 “Psycho” setting MOTEL
105 Gnats and rats PESTS
106 Former filly MARE
107 Gulf States VIP EMIR
108 Dance party RAVE
110 Country bumpkin HICK
113 Reactor piece ROD
115 Diagnostic scan MRI
116 Agreeable answer YES
117 Hors d’oeuvres topping ROE