Universal Crossword Answers – Aug 11 2022 s

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Clues Answers
"I Am the Walrus," to "Hello, Goodbye" SIDEB
"Just give it a shot!" TRY
"This situation’s overwhelming!" ITSALOT
"What’s more …" ALSO
"Your turn," on a walkie-talkie OVER
A/C measure BTU
Accuse one of the noblemen? CHARGEACOUNT
Adjective for a "shoppe" OLDE
Agree out of court SETTLE
Alcohol in a pina colada RUM
Balancing job at the garage? EVENINGATIRE
Bona fide REAL
Bone or squeaky ball, e.g PETTOY
California county for wine lovers NAPA
Campus military org ROTC
Chows down EATS
Christmas purchase that’s often thrown out in January TREE
Company in the plastic business? VISA
Crew member ROWER
Curved trajectories ARCS
Deep, narrow valley RAVINE
Eggy, in a way? OVAL
Electric bass hookup AMP
Emotion felt in a scary movie, maybe FEAR
Extremely VERY
Fancy vase URN
Feeling down SAD
Floorboard sound CREAK
Furry creature from Endor EWOK
Gave the thumbs-up to OKED
Get in the way of STYMIE
Go off script ADLIB
Governing body for soccer FIFA
Heyday for your nemesis? TIMEOFARIVAL
High point CLIMAX
Home made of twigs, maybe NEST
In the same family RELATED
Indonesian island BALI
It works like a charm AMULET
Like die-hard fans AVID
Like some numbers? SUNG
Low-carb diet KETO
Make possible ENABLE
Mario’s dinosaur pal YOSHI
Modus operandi WAY
More accurate TRUER
Noble gas that’s an anagram of "organ" ARGON
Not fooled by ONTO
Not fulfilled UNMET
One curl, say REP
One might save the day HERO
Opening for a token SLOT
Out of the picture GONE
Part of a college URL EDU
People of Canada CREE
People who aren’t yet of age MINORS
Place to enjoy a seaweed wrap SPA
Prefix meaning "new" NEO
Remainder REST
Russo of "Ransom" RENE
Send your gown back to the store? RETURNADRESS
Short-range basketball shot LAYUP
Slow-cooked dish STEW
Small donkey BURRO
Soccer score GOAL
Subject of the "birds and the bees" talk SEX
Subsides ABATES
Surrender FORFEIT
Swedish furniture retailer IKEA
Tiny, informally ITSY
Wander ROVE
What may be boring? BIT
Word after "standing" or "information" DESK
Written reminder NOTE
___ golf (Frisbee game) DISC
___ Slam (tennis feat named for a Williams sister) SERENA